2018 Volunteer Wildlife Opportunities in Grand County
US Forest Service, Sulphur Ranger District

If you are interested in any of the following activities Contact the Forest Service or our President. Clicking here to email.

  • Osprey Monitoring:
    • Timeframe: May August
    • Commitment: Regular visits (every few weeks) to assigned nest(s)
    • Duty: Record observed behavior and report
    • Note: Must have binoculars and/or spotting scope

  • Bluebird Box Maintenance:
    • Timeframe: September October
    • Commitment: Variable (one hour to several hours)
    • Duty: Clean/repair assigned nest boxes and report on contents

  • Christmas Bird Count (CBC):
    • Timeframe: December
    • Commitment: One day (specific day on a weekend)
    • Duty: Count and report birds in assigned area(s).

  • Monofilament Bin Adoption:
    • Timeframe: Year-round, more frequent in summer.
    • Commitment: Flexible.
    • Duty: Collect monofilament from bins, report on bin condition.

  • Boreal Toad Breeding Site Monitoring:
    • Timeframe: Dates to be determined.
    • Commitment: One or more days.
    • Duty: For those interested in some challenging backcountry slogs, I am always looking for partners to help me search these remote wetland sites for rare boreal toads.

For these activities should individually report your hours to the volunteer hours coordinator.