GCWG Fall Member's Meeting Minutes 10/23/16

Oct. 25, 2015

The fall members meeting began at 6:50 after a great dinner.
President Bob Saint introduced the new Sulphur District Ranger, Jon Morrissey; Nick Schade, Recreation Staff Officer; Andy Borek, Lead Wilderness Ranger. He also asked our six new members to introduce themselves.


MONARCH CABIN HOSTING – from May 21 – Sept 17 – Doris Klein was the Cabin Hosting Coordinator (she could use some help next year)
Member households that participated – 30
Almost 600 ANRA passes sold.

JUNCO CABIN HOSTING – June 25 – September 10
Member households participating – 22
ANRA pass coordinator – Doug Smith
Cabin Hosting Coordinator – Dick Sprague

TRAIL AMBASSADORS – (New name for Trail Hosting) – Reminder to everyone to please send in volunteer hours. Also report back to Forest Service via e-mail on trail conditions and/or violations.

TRAILHEAD HOSTING – Eight areas/locations other than cabins. Next year we might have fewer locations.


REGISTRATION BOXES – Stephen Lee reported on the registration counts. A summary report was in our newsletter.

ORIENTATION HIKES – there were 10 hikes this summer. It is a way of familiarizing yourself with an area. Ingrid will not be able to coordinate the hikes for 2017 and is looking for a volunteer coordinator.

PUBLIC OUTREACH – GCWG participated in Granby 4th of July parade and Winter Park Art/Affair.

WILDERNESS STEWARDSHIP TRAINING – Given by the Forest Service at the end of May.

WEED WARRIOR ASSAULT –Over 20 participants pulled up weeds at Monarch Lake.

JOAN SHAW DEDICATION – Kiosk was dedicated at Junco Lake Trailhead.

KIOSK INSTALLATIONS (Additional) – Vasquez Peak Wilderness, Indian Peaks Wilderness, Roaring Fork, Monarch Lake, Devil's Thumb.

2016 National Public Lands Day – Many members participated in this event. There was a table dedicated to the memory of Joan Shaw and Jean Miller.
Spring Camping Trip – Over 25 people went to Canyonlands National Park in May.
Encampment – Flat Top Wilderness
Spring Birding Trip – Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge.
Summer Picnic – Double A Barn

CHRISTMAS BIRD COUNT – Saturday, Dec. 17, 2016
WHITE DEER PARTY – Sunday, January 29, 2017
SUMMER PICNIC – Sunday, August 6, 2017

FOREST SERVICE – Andy Borek, Lead Wilderness Ranger
Reported that a grant had allowed the FS to have six interns this past summer. They were SCA (Student Conservation Association) interns whose job was to inventory backcountry campsites, gather data on these sites and put them on GPS maps. They also went in and restored badly used areas.

A PRESENTATION BY JACK REICHERT (volunteer with Search & Rescue) on:
BEING SAFE IN THE BACKCOUNTRY – Ten essentials to have in your pack.
Water (and a way to purify water)
Map and compass (cell phone and GPS as backup)
Whistle, sunglasses and sunscreen
Extra clothing
Flashlight or headlamp
Fire starting kit
Leatherman type tool (also some parachute cord)
Food (around 2000 calories)
Emergency shelter (two person bivy sack or space blanket)
Personal first aid kit and drugs

IMPORTANT: Tell people where you are going. If you get lost – stay put and be prepared to spend the night. Don't wear cotton/synthetics are best.
There are some emergency locators: DeLorme – sends GPS/location and emergency message to command centers.
Finally – Get a CO Outdoor Recreation Search & Rescue Card available in many outfitter stores.

The meeting adjourned at around 9:00 p.m.
Christine Lee, Secretary
The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Submitted by: Christine Lee, Secretary

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