Grand County Wilderness Group Fall Members' Meeting November 4, 2007

Location: Members met at the YMCA Summit Building at Adams Camp for a potluck, followed by the meeting.

Attendance: 62 members attended the potluck and meeting; there were 5 guests, for a total of 67 attendees

Opening: President Al Rothenbach called the meeting to order at 7:25PM.

The meeting was led off with a rendition of Home On The Range, sung by Roger Shaw, Al Clark, Jim Clair, and Barton Phillips, all members of the Grand Chorale.

Carolyn Manly gave the Treasurer's Report. Our current balance is $1855. (A copy of the report is included with these minutes.) Carolyn, acting for membership chairman Mary Bernard, also introduced our new members.

Joan Shaw recognized Past President Jerry Stahl for his service and presented him with an “invisible gift”, a copy of Tom Brown's book Wilderness Tracking. Joan had inadvertently left the book itself at home.

Al R. reported that the Christmas Bird Count will be held on January 5th. All interested in participating should meet at the Forest Service office in Granby at 8:00AM. He also asked for a volunteer to co-ordinate our efforts for the Forest Service's Christmas Tree Sale. Chris Lee volunteered.

Joyce Clair announced that there are GCWG shirts for sale after the meeting.

Sue Jackson reported on the volunteer hours from the past season that she has accumulated so far.

Donn Manly reported on the Junco cabin workday and also gave a report on the success of the group orientation hikes that were held this past season. Donn also announced that the upcoming spring trip will be to the Great Sand Dunes National Monument in southwestern Colorado, date to-be-determined.

Jim Moat reported on the trail maintenance day at Columbine Lake. 15 people and 1 Lab showed up to work. Gary McGraw headed up the effort for the Forest Service.

Joan Shaw, acting for Judy Shetler, reported that Daisy Days went well.

Roger Shaw reported on the past season's work on trailhead bulletin boards and registration boxes.

Susan Ellis, as GCWG historian, issued a plea for pictures.

Carol Kitts again asked for pictures for the Roaring Forks and Bowen Baker trailheads. Mike Ricketts, from the Forest Service, gave an update on the NFS's 10 Year Wilderness Challenge, Brad Orr, also from the Forest Service, showed copies of the new NFS vehicle use maps.

The speaker for the night, Kirk Klancke, from Friends of the Fraser River, reported on the current state of the waterway.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Toni Wujek, Secretary

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