GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 10/1/06

Location: The Board met at the Stahl's house. The meeting was followed by a chili and soup supper.

Attendance: Board members in attendance were: Marshall Haith, Joan Shaw, Jerry Stahl, Carolyn Manly, Jim Moat, Al Rothenbach, Joyce Clair, and Toni Wujek. Also in attendance were: Roger Shaw, Jeri Moat, Carolyn Stahl, Jim Clair, Sue Haith, and Donn Manly. Board member Mary Bernard was absent.

Opening: Jerry Stahl called the meeting to order at 4:40PM.

Treasurer's Report: Carolyn M. gave the board a written financial report. A copy is included with these minutes. Currently, the balance on hand is $829.61. We also have 15 ANRA passes from Junco cabin, 3 maps, and an assortment of T-shirts in inventory. Jim M. motioned to accept the report; he was seconded by Marshall H.

Public Lands Day: Joan S., Carolyn S., and Jeri M. reported on their involvement with Public Lands Day. It was noted that no one spearheaded an effort to get GCWG members out to work this year. Jim M. will ask Mary England if she will do this next year. Mary is a member who also volunteered at Public Lands Day this year. Jim M. asked if the group had donated anything to Public Lands Day, since our name was mentioned as a sponsor. We had not. Joan S. presented our president with a plaque noting the accomplishments of GCWG members who participated in Public Lands Day in 2002, a year where the group fielded a large number of volunteers. We will hang the plaque in Junco cabin.

Tracking Seminar: Jerry S. announced that Don Jay (spelling?) will be giving a tracking seminar next Wednesday. Meet at 9:00AM in the SolVista Basin parking lot. Jeri M. described last year's seminar. Al R. will send another e-mail to remind members about the seminar.

ANRA Passes: Jerry S. has talked to the Forest Service about getting the ANRA passes that we sell at Junco and Monarch cabins on credit. Currently, we pay for them up-front. The Forest Service is unable to extend credit to us. Carolyn M. noted that the problem with passes is mainly at Junco cabin; only 3 or 4 passes were sold at Monarch all season. Donn M. and Carolyn M. volunteered to coordinate Junco cabin next season and will monitor the number of passes available closely. They will buy a one-month supply of passes at a time. They will also put a sign outside the cabin mentioning that “ANRA parking passes are available here”.

Fall Members' Meeting:

Wilderness Seminar Report: Al R. and Toni W. reported on the NFS-sponsored Wilderness Volunteers Workshop that they attended in Steamboat Springs, September 22-24. This led to a discussion of what else we could do to assist the local Forest Service district. Jim M. mentioned that Brad Orr asked if the group would consider taking on the responsibility of maintaining the loop trail around Monarch Lake. The board voted to do this.

Al R. mentioned that several Colorado volunteer groups have hosted the Volunteers Workshop, which is an annual event, in the past. He asked if GCWG was interested in doing it next year. The board decided to mention this at the members meeting and ask if anyone is interested. Louise Powers, a member, was mentioned as someone who might have an interest. We will talk to her. Jeri M. also noted that we should get Sulphur district input before we commit.


Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 7:01PM.

Toni Wujek, Secretary

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