GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 1/07/18

Location: TThe meeting was held at the Jack Reichert's. Appetizers and dinner were at 5:00 p.m. followed by the board meeting

Board members present: Al Rothenbach, Gary Perkins, Paisley, Jack Reichert, Monica Sandstrom, Dick Sprague .
GCWG members: Toni Wujek, Sue Perkins, Debbie Reichert, and Donna Ferber.

Minutes GCWG Board Meeting Jan 7, 2018

1. Minutes 9/24/17 2 amendments--1)Change 9/7 to 9/14 and 2) the group will do the trailhead hosting . Motion to approve by Al. Seconded by Dick.

2. Treasurerís report from Bob Saint 12/22/17 $6079.83 1/1/18 $5349.21

3. Membership Report 12/23 70 0f 94 households have paid, 156 members. Sent emails to 25 nonrenewals. Bob Saint wil contact members who have not paid 2018 dues.

4. 2018 Board Members Jack will reup as President. Janet is leaving. All others remain, 9 total.

5. New nominating committee. Bob, Paisley and Gary. Al-first motion, Dick -second. **Action--Jack will send out an email to members for new board seat.

6. White Deer Party 1/13 Toni emcee. Asking Bambi for help. Trivia questions based on rules for hosting and NFS . Doug Smith and Pat Potter gave a donation of dolls made by Joan Shaw. Talk of Silent Auction

7. Rogerís Memorial. Now at $250. Contact with his adult children for ideas. Postpone until next board meeting.

8. Volunteer hours at 4600. Based on FS fiscal year. We need a count from annual meeting.

A. Cabin/Trailhead Hosting- Dick--Host Sat or Sun, sign up for day and trailhead you prefer. How to make radio and handouts available? ** Action Jack to contact FS for a shed to store trailhead hosting supplies and for radio w charger.
B. **Acton Dick will work with FS on how to handle quota sheet for permits when cabin hosting
C. Sign-up and attendance for Spring Meeting.

10. Light trail work hikes A. Paisley will help and contact Joyce B. Training for leads to include brushing, small saw, pruners, loppers, hand spades, pick up trash.. Photos and write-ups of major work to be done if observed on the hike. Paisley and Joyce will train the leads.

11. Sign up for Cabin Hosting- 4 slots this year. ***Action--Al will look at online sign up systems.

12. Coordinator responsibilities: interface between HTA coordinator for heavy trail work which Andy identifies. If the work falls in our ability category then the coordinator will communicate between HTA and GCWG. **Monica will talk to Dan Nolan about being the coordinator between HTA, GCWG, and FS.

13. Need volunteer coordinator for above.






Clothing. **Action--Sue and Bambi will investigate new shirts.

19. GCWG vision. Look at 2020 USFS vision

20. 4 yearly meetings 2nd Sun of month, Sept is 4th Sun.

21. Liability for camping? **Action--Camping and encampment. All of our correspondence will state those activities are not GCWG sponsored. Does that resolve our liability?

22. Mandatory cabin host training at Spring meeting.

23. Public outreach/ new members? Spring and Fall meetings in the paper? Article written? **Action find someone to update facebook page (Talk to Dick and Bambi?)

24. Upcoming events-
-R2 Wilderness Workshop Mar 8-9 Bob Saint
- Spring meeting April?
- Aug 12, 2018 AA Barn picnic
- Aug 11, 2019 AA Barn picnic
- others?

25. Thank YMCA. **Action--for Bob Saint $100 donation. Motion by Gary. Second by Monica.

26. Next Board Meeting-- Sun. Mar. 11,2018 at Dick and Donnaís.

27. New business. **Action- check with FS to see if nonmembers can go on hikes or work on hikes or work projects .

28. Gary made motion to adjourn. Dick second the motion.

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