GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 1/19/20

Location: The meeting was held at Reichert's house.

Board members present: Jack Reichert, Bambi Statz, Ingrid Anderson, Monica Sandstrom, Toni Wujec, Roxanne Singler, Beth Collins.

Guest: Al Rothenbach

Forest Service: Clayton Cornwell

Time: The meeting began at 5:15 p.m.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES. Motion by Bambi and seconded by Monica, minutes for meeting on September 22, 2019, were approved.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Toni Wujek- For last year (1/17/2019-1/17/2020), there was a total inflow of $4815.22, total outflow of $5062.83, for a net total -$247.61. All monies have been collected on ANRA passes sold. There is an outstanding $300 check from GCWG that has not been cashed. There are assets of unsold ANRA passes and clothing inventory. For the last quarter (9/1/2019-1/17/2020) the total inflow was $3149.55, outflow was $1333.52. The major expenses were for clothing ($941.50), ANRA passes ($112. 50), Newsletter $125, and Members' meeting ($99.52). The checkbook balance as of 1/17/2020 is $5671.92.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Bob Saint submitted a report stating that there are 54 households who have paid the 2020 dues and 21 households who have not paid dues after email reminders. The Board went through the list of those who have not paid yet and divided up names to call those members who have not moved out of town and report back if they were still interested in membership. Also, discussed how we could use face book to interest new members and inform present members. The Board will contact Gary Piper because he has Facebook expertise. In addition, we should emphasize Wilderness and our work for the Forest Service.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE Jack's term as President of GCWG expires at the Spring Meeting. Beth, Monica, and Bambi volunteered to be on the Nominating committee to make nominations for a new President.

REVIEW OF MEMBER RECOMMENDATIONS GCWG members expressed an interest in having more Orientation(sometimes referred to as social) hikes, as opposed to work hikes. The Board discussed how Orientation hikes were really missed, had great turnouts, and were very inspiring. It was suggested that we should have at least or more orientation hikes and work hikes. Hikes will be generally on Thursdays this summer, but also some on weekends for members who would like to hike on weekends.

SRD ACTIVITIES/UPDATES RELATED TO GCWG: Clayton related the following updates on Sulphur Ranger District: 1) Online issuance of back country permits by Recreation.gov will not become effective this summer. Even though both the Sulphur Ranger District and the Boulder Ranger district are in favor of using Recreation.gov for the permit system, the contractor that puts the system in effect will not be able to complete it for this summer's permits. Also, SRD is looking into extending the permit system into later in the Fall or possibly requiring permits all year. 2) There will be a Wilderness volunteer multi-day meeting in March. 3) Clayton has secured permission to obtain 3 people to work in the office and to work sometimes at Monarch, but doesn't know whether can have a person to fill John Simmons position. 4) The FS will have a solar charging system for the radio batteries. The panels will mount on a post outside the cabins and will have a wire to a charger control and new batteries. GCWG will help with installation and routing into the buildings. 5) There will be a trail and project person to determine what needs to be done and determine the projects ahead of time. 6) There is a new group called the Grand Places Group made up of local governmental officials and local groups, which is addressing problems in forest and recreational areas. 7) Jodie in the Forest Service office is having a problem collating volunteer hour information. Toni will meet with Clayton and Jodie about what data Jodie needs to calculate volunteer hours. 8) Clayton will look at what information is needed from the Cabin registration boxes and what needs to be on the registration forms so that data can be collected. Monica will find out what information is needed from the registration box information forms.

TRAINING VIDEOS: There have been many good comments about the videos and it is great to have online information available. Toni intends to make a new video for radio operations for both cabins.

JOB DESCRIPTIONS: Monica and Dick will write up their job descriptions.

2019 CABIN HOSTING SCHEDULER: Monica- All is going well. There were 112 spots filled, 56 volunteered more than once. There were three days which were not covered, however, all of July and August were covered. If there is no volunteer for a scheduled day, she lets Andy know and he can assign an intern.

ON-LINE SIGNUP SYSTEM: The Board thought it was working well.

GRANTS: It was decided that grants aren't our strong point and instead we would work on membership and social media about our group, the Wilderness and the Forest Service.

VOLUNTEER HOURS UPDATE: Toni-The volunteer hours submitted for 2019 were well below 2018. Ingrid's idea was to hand out a printed paper volunteer form with a due date on it for when it should be sent to Toni.

2020 PUBLIC LANDS DAY - Monica- She will get ideas from Andy to determine if there are some Wilderness or hiking only trails to include in the Public Lands Day projects.

INJURED DOG PROTOCOL -Hikers must be responsible for their dogs.

CLOTHING INVENTORY Bambi- The clothing inventory is well stocked. The Board determined that hats can be sold to non-members. Motion by Jack second by Monica, passed unanimously to buy more hats.

VOLUNTEER BADGES: Toni (Al)-will make a new order.

MEMBERSHIP SURVEY: Decided not to have a new survey at this time. Instead listen to members at meeting, on orientation hikes etc.

VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK UPDATE The newest version will be reviewed and corrected. After which it will be reviewed by Clayton.

Jan. 25th - f/k/a as White Deer Party. Expecting about 50-60. Bambi will prepare games or Trivia. Board members will provide Chili.
Mar. 8 - Board meeting at the Peak
May 16 - Spring Membership meeting. June 14 - (note change from the 7th) Board meeting Aug 9 - Summer picnic at AA barn Sept 27 - (note change from 20th) Board meeting Oct. 24 - Fall Membership meeting

OTHER BUSINESS: Gary will install a double door at Junco.

Motion to adjourn by Ingrid, seconded by Bambi. The Meeting was adjourned at 8:20

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