GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 12/9/06

Location: The Board met at the Shaw's house. The meeting was preceded by a brunch.

Attendance: Board members in attendance were: Marshall Haith, Joan Shaw, Jerry Stahl, Carolyn Manly, Jim Moat, Al Rothenbach, and Toni Wujek. Also in attendance were: Roger Shaw, Carolyn Stahl, Sue Haith, and Donn Manly. Board members Mary Bernard and Joyce Clair were absent.

Opening: Jerry Stahl called the meeting to order at 10:05 AM.

Treasurer's Report: Carolyn M. reported that the current balance-on-hand is $788.87. Joan S. motioned to accept the report; it was seconded by the general audience.

White Deer Party: Jennifer Mirczak and Ingrid Anderson will again organize this event. The board will bring crock pots of chili. There was a discussion on the date. Either Sunday, January 14th, or Sunday, January 21st , will work. Jerry S. will check about room availability with the Y and send an e-mail with the final date.

High Lonesome Hut Trip: Roger S. announced that he is planning to organize an over-night snowshoe trip into the High Lonesome Hut again this season. It will be sometime in February.

Newsletter: Jerry S. complimented Joan and Roger S. on an excellent fall newsletter. The board discussed whether we want to continue with the newsletter and, if so, on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. Carolyn M. reported that printing and mailing the newsletter cost $111. The board decided to do a smaller paper, and have it out three weeks before the spring meeting. The cabin hosting calendars will be included in this issue. Roger will also include trail use charts for our sponsored trails. The board also decided not to send the newsletter to the newspaper. We will target what we want published in the newspaper.

Dan Matthews of the USFS has requested an article on our group activities for the USFS newsletter. Joan and Roger S. agreed to write one.

Spring Members' Meeting: The upcoming meeting was set for Sunday, April 15th .

GCWG Business Cards: Al R. presented a prototype for a group business card. We discussed whether the cards should be one or two-sided and the cost. We decided to order 1000 two-sided cards. Carolyn S. suggested we put some in the trail boxes.

Trail Boxes: Jim M. reported that doing trail box registration sheets this past season was very frustrating, with every box sponsor doing things a little differently, and that he will step down as coordinator. A discussion followed on the value of the registration sheet information to the FS. The FS wants zip codes. To pull the information from the sheets together requires computer spreadsheet skills. Donn M. noted that, if we decide not to continue placing, collecting, and tabulating the registration sheets, we should remove the boxes at the trailheads. Roger S. volunteered to be the registration sheet coordinator this year, if he can train an apprentice. Roger will check with the FS to find out exactly what information they want on the sheets. Jerry S. will check on which of our sponsored trails will remain open next year, since the FS's budget cuts will be closing some trails and campgrounds..

It was also noted that the GCWG signs in the trail boxes need to be updated and laminated. The Forest Service office will laminate the signs for us for free.

Donn M. suggested that the sponsor of the trailhead box lead a hike on that trail next season.

Bittle Family Gift: The family of Ed and Barb Bittle have made a gift to GCWG in their name. The board discussed how to use the money. The consensus was to update the maps at Junco and Monarch cabins. Jerry S. will send a thank you note to the family and acknowledge the gift at the spring meeting. Roger S. will mention the gift in the newsletter.

Website: Al R. announced that the website is being improved to include a blog for trail conditions. This will allow members who have hiked a trail to update the trail conditions on the website themselves.

Wilderness Symposium: The board decided not to volunteer to host the '07 Friends of Wilderness Seminar sponsored by the FS. We will reconsider another year, but plan to send representatives to the '07 weekend.

Spring Car Campout: The Haiths have organized the last two spring car campouts and will not be doing it this year. It was noted that the event has been open to all GCWG members the last few years, and we have never had to turn people away. A discussion followed about where to go in '07. Al R. and Toni W. will look into possibilities at Dinosaur National Monument and at Grand Staircase-Escalante. It was suggested that the Jamisons or Cahalenes may be willing to help organize the food, invitations, and registrations for the campout.


Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM.

Toni Wujek, Secretary

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