GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 3/09/14

Location: The board meeting was held at the home of Bob Saint & Ann Steers. As per consensus the meeting was held first and the potluck dinner followed.

Attendance: Jim Magill, Doug Smith, Lisa Vonderharr, Tom Papathakis, Tom Whitten, Roger Shaw, Christine Lee, Al Rothenbach, Gary Perkins, Bob Saint
Members: Stephen Lee, Anne Steers, Pat Potter, Holly Whitten, Joan Shaw, Toni Wujek

The meeting began at 5:20 p.m. The January 19th minutes were approved except for a few minor changes.

TREASURER'S REPORT: The treasurer, Tom Whitten, reported that our account balance was $3100.00 plus a few checks that Mike Braddy has. A question was raised if any of this money was allocated. The answer was “no”. A suggestion was made that our bank balance not go below $1,000.00. All board members agreed to this stipulation.

BOARD MEMBERS-TERMS/EXPIRATIONS: President Jim Magill passed out the board of directors contact list. Jim's second term of office as president ends in April. A new president has to be appointed. Three other members terms end in April 2014: Tom Whitten, Christine Lee & Doug Smith. All three agreed to another term. Tom agreed to be treasurer again, Christine Lee as secretary, and Doug Smith will continue to coordinate trail work days. Other nominations, if any, will be taken at the spring meeting when new board members will be confirmed.

SPRING MEETING: Will be held on Sunday, April 13, 2014 at the YMCA. Jim will check with the Y on furnishing the main dish.

KNIGHT'S RIDGE: The letter regarding Knight's Ridge and GCWG's role in helping keep the trail open was discussed. The letter is ready but to whom should it be sent? Decided that the main recipient should be Ralph Swain with copies to Craig Magwire, Teresa Martinez and Senator Udall.

Discussion centered on what will GCWG do or be willing to do to help the Forest Service advertise these two events. How much do we want to spend. It was agreed that Sky-Hi Newspaper rates (for example it would cost $900 for digital ads) were too expensive for what we wanted and were willing to spend. Instead, GCWG board members would write articles about the wilderness areas. It was agreed that GCWG would pay for a page or ½ page advertisement (a CALENDAR of EVENTS) in the GRAND SUMMER GUIDE (a glossy magazine with events in our county). This would be around $350.00. Another way to advertise would be to ask Diana Lynn Rau and Cindy Kleh to write an article about our planned events. Joan Shaw will also check on giving out window stickers – but only if they can be gotten for free.

Another way of advertising would be to have a banner/presence at the Granby 4th of July parade. Joan Shaw said that she would be in charge of this and see if, at the spring meeting, she could get volunteers to participate. (Christine Lee mentioned that Hot Sulphur Springs also had a parade and she would see if any members could participate in this event). The consensus was that we should concentrate on one or two parades only. We could hand out cards, flyers, etc. Joan had a few other ideas that she will work on.

Jim passed out an activities sheet that was compiled by Nick Shade. Specific dates, times and leaders needed to be filled in. This would be the template for the year's activities that we would advertise in the GRAND SUMMER GUIDE.

Bob Saint reported that he was having trouble getting a speaker for the early October talk. He wanted someone who was closely associated with legislation getting wilderness areas in Grand County. Doug Smith suggested someone who knows about the area, perhaps Roger Rood. Bob will continue working on the speaker problem.

In the Calendar of Events were Walks & Hikes for Wilderness that Chris Lee was coordinating. She reported that were would be two Walks for Wilderness whose main focus would be on having children attend. One would be held on Saturday, June 28 and would be in Pioneer Park in Hot Sulphur Springs and the other would be in Fraser on Sunday, August 10th. Joyce Clair would probably lead this walk. There would be three Hikes for Wilderness, longer hikes (around 4-5 miles). The first would be on Saturday, June 21 and would be led by Tim Nicklas , from the Grand County Historical Association. It would be at Monarch Lake and focus on the history of the area before it was designated wilderness. The second Wilderness hike will be on Saturday, July 12th. Roger Shaw volunteered to lead this one – area TBD. The last Wilderness hike will be on Saturday, September 12th. Gary Perkins volunteered to be the leader (will check his schedule) and the area is TBA.

There are other events, presentations, and work days that will be coordinated and/or led by the Forest Service rangers and Nick Schade.


CABIN HOSTING: Last year Mary Ann Groswald had to find replacements for volunteers who, at the last minute, could not host at either Monarch or Junco cabins. This is not her job. Once again we have to emphasize to our members that it is up to them to find their own replacements. Signups will be at the spring meeting. If members can't make the meeting they should give their dates to someone attending to sign them up. Toni Wujek will, once more, do the cabin hosting training. Al Rothenbach reported on the Cabin Hosting Survey. He had a 33% response which was very good. He will send out a second survey to get more responses.

TRAIL HOSTING/TRAIL WORK DAYS – This year we will try to do some work days on Saturday. A schedule will be set up so everyone knows the dates of the work days.

TRAIL REGISTRATION BOXES: Bob Saint is working on getting all the info. He did not get the Devil's Thumb box registration and needs someone to take over this registration box.

TRAIL BULLETIN BOARD: Nick Schade and the Forest Service will install these wilderness kiosks. Some have to be fixed before they can be installed.

DAISY DAYS: Beth Collins will coordinate this event.

ORIENTATION HIKES: Ingrid has agreed to set up these hikes and will ask for volunteer leaders.

MEMBERSHIP: Mike Braddy has a few more checks for membership. Al will send out an e-mail to those who haven't renewed, about 18. We have about 100 members who have paid.

BIRD WALKS/FLOWER WALKS: Al said that we will have some this year and the Arapaho National Wildlife Area bird trip is a certainty. Flower walks – maybe.

ART AFFAIR/FRASER RIVER DAYS BOOTH: Gary and Sue Perkins agreed to coordinate these events.

NEWSLETTER: Holly Whitten agreed to do the newsletter.

SPRING CAMPING TRIP: Will be April 25-27 at Dinosaur Monument. Seventeen members also signed up for the rafting trip. There are two reserved sites with room for 50 people.

JUNE BOARD MEETING: Will be on Sunday, June 8. Hosting the meeting will be Toni Wujek & Al Rothenbach.

OLD BUSINESS/NEW BUSINESS: Roger Shaw reported that instead of leading the Encampment trip he wants to sponsor a “senior safari” for all of those who are not getting any younger. He hopes that the “Encampment” will be picked up and led by someone else, (maybe Ron Sears?).

There being no further business to discuss the meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

Submitted: Christine Lee, Secretary

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