GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 3/13/11

Location: The Board met at the house of Jerry and Carolyn Stahl. The meeting followed a potluck dinner.

Attendance: Board members present were Al Rothenbach, Jerry Stahl, Jim Moat, Joyce Clair, Jim Magill, and Toni Wujek. Board members Jim Bernard, Susan Ellis, Roger Shaw, and Ingrid Anderson were absent. Members Beth Collins, Jim Clair, Carolyn Stahl, Jeri Moat, and Duane and Marti Hunter were also present.

Opening: The meeting was called to order by President Al Rothenbach, at 7:40PM.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved as posted on the web site.

Since Jim Bernard, the Treasurer, was absent, no Treasurer's report was given.

Al R. passed out Contact Information for the Board of Directors (a copy is attached). The group has three board positions coming up for election at the April meeting. Al R. and Jerry S. are the nominating committee. They asked if anyone has expressed interest in being on the board.

Al R. reviewed the board and chairperson positions:

The Spring Members Meeting will be on April 17th at the YMCA. We will get food from the Y. Al R. will ask Susan Ellis to order it. Turkey was suggested. Al R. and Toni W. will make the cabin hosting signup calendar for the meeting; Jim M. will auction off days not taken.

Member Ed Jackson would like the group to purchase a large coffeepot; Jerry S. will sell us one for $1. We will ask the Perkins to store it along with our other supplies.

We do not know what days the NFS wants us to host Monarch cabin. Al R. will talk to them so that we know for the Spring Meeting. The NFS has asked us to help them with a new program that they are implementing this year, called Adventure Packs. Basically, they will supply backpacks filled with things that can be used by children to interact with the outdoors (such as binoculars, magnifying glasses, and field guides) and we will “check them out” to guests. The board discussed how well this would work. Jerry S. observed that this program seems to duplicate school outdoor education days and the Junior Ranger program. Al R. will send an e-mail to the NFS voicing our concerns.

The way we have handled trail hosting in the past, by asking members to signup to host a particular trail on a particular day, preferably a weekend day, and report their own hours, has not seemed to work. The board discussed alternatives. We decided to schedule group hikes on 8 – 10 weekend days this season; Al R. will ask Tara Jamison to make up a schedule.

Duane and Marti Hunter talked about their plans for the bulletin boards (a copy is attached). They have come up with a list of what should be on the boards. They need to meet with the Kitts to see what bulletin board materials they have.

Al R. promised to schedule two bird walks this spring; he will also ask Pat Berman to lead a wildflower walk.

Al R. reminded us that we now have a new e-mail system called Virtual Response. He hopes everyone likes it and uses it.

Joyce C. reported on T-shirt inventory. The board approved ordering 10 more medium and 10 more large shirts. Joyce will check into how many membership brochures are left.

Our Spring Camping Trip to Bandelier is set for May 10th to 12th. So far, 19 members have signed up.

The next board meeting will be on Sunday, June 12th. Al R. and Toni W. will host the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00PM

Toni Wujek, Secretary

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