GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 3/14/10

Location: The Board met at the house of Mary and Jim Bernard. The meeting followed a potluck dinner.

Attendance: The Board members present were Al Rothenbach, Marshall Haith, Jerry Stahl, Jim Bernard, Joyce Clair, Susan Ellis, Roger Shaw, and Ingrid Anderson .Joan Shaw,  Beth Collins, Jim Clair, Mary Bernard, Carolyn Stahl, and Sue Haith also present.

Opening: The meeting was called to order by President, Al Rothenbach.

The Treasurer's report was given by Marshall Haith.

A thank you was read from Search and Rescue for the contribution made by GCWG.

The minutes from the last Board meeting were approved.

Board terms that are finished this year are:  Marshall Haith (2nd term), Jim Bernard (1st term), Susan Ellis (1st term). A nominating committee of Roger Shaw and Jerry Stahl was set up. 

The Spring meeting will be April 18 at Adams Camp building at Snow Mountain Ranch.  Susan Ellis will order beef from the YMCA for the main course. Marshall will make the coffee. 

Committee reports:

Publicity:  No report

Cabin Hosting:  A change in how volunteer hours are reported was discussed.  Each individual will report their hours instead of the chairmen. Jerry Stahl will find out what days we will be working at Monarch Lake.  The Englands and Bob Drickey and Sharry will chair Junco cabin for the season. 

Registration boxes:  Roger Shaw reported that Monarch use keeps increasing. Baker trailhead had a big increase last summer also with more backpackers. The rest are status quo.

Daisy Days:  Beth will call the Forest Service to see what days we could work.  We may be working at another site since Monarch Lake is completed.  Weekends would be a first choice but the Forest Service will make the decision on the date.

Orientation hikes:  Ingrid needs a co-chairman as she will not be here all summer.  The hikes will be held on Thursdays this year. Newsletter:  Joan Shaw reported that about 70 had been mailed out.  It was decided that the newsletter is important and we will continue it.  Joan needs articles and jokes.

Bird hikes:  There will be two this year.

Flower hikes:  There will be a few probably in July.

E mail:  Al is still figuring out the best system.

T-shirts:  Joyce passed out an inventory.  She and Susan will order hats with our logo .  Prices for the shirts will stay the same. 

Booth at the Art Affair and Fraser River Days:  Joyce will get dates for both so people can sign up at the April meeting.

Membership list:  Mary Bernard explained the list. There are 150 members. The list will be sent by e mail plus there will be about 40 paper copies at the April meeting.  New members will be announced at the meeting. We need more brochures so Al will make more. Membership renewals should be collected and recorded by the Treasurer not the membership chairman.  This will be worked out with the new Treasurer.

Snowshoe hike:  Last one for the season will be in March to Rabbit Ears Pass. Date to be announced.

Utah Spring camping trip:  There are 27 people going. 

Trailhead signs:  Jim Clair will have a report at the April meeting.

Trail work days:  We may do two days this year.  Jerry Stahl will check on this.

Sign up at the April meeting:  It was discussed how to make it easier for single people to sign up to help as often it is done by couples.  Joan will put something in the newsletter and there will be more lines to sign on the sheets.

Trail hosting:  Al will talk to Tara about chairing this again.

Next Board meeting will be Sunday, June 13 at Joyce Clair's house.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm

Joyce Clair

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