GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 3/22/09

Location: The meeting of the spirited board members was called on March 22nd at 7PM in the lovely home of Jim and Joyce Clair following a fine potluck dinner.

Attendance: BOARD MEMBERS- Al Rothenbach, Marshall Haith, Joyce Clair, Carolyn Manly, Susan Ellis and Jerry Stahl were present. Absent were Toni Wujek and Jim Bernard. Kathy Turnbull represented publicity and Joan and Roger Shaw: newsletter.

MINUTES were approved as well as the treasurer's report by Carolyn of a present balance $1875.04 which included the annual donation of $100 to the YMCA for the use of their facilities for our meetings. Report is attached.

FUTURE BOARD MEMBERS- Roger, Al and Susan will be the nominating committee with their decisions made before the annual spring meeting. The Carolyn Manly exits the board due to term limit (Thank you, Carolyn!) the Tidballs have moved and Jim Moat's service is up for renewal. Jim Bernard will be contacted regarding his feelings and availability in Grand County.

ANNUAL SPRING MEETING- will be held at the YMCA at Adams Camp building at 5:30 PM on April 19th. The agenda is the election of board members, plan and recruitment for all areas of service for the 2009 season. Potluck assignments will be given via the website as well as the newsletter. Jerry Stahl will arrange for delicious baked chicken from City Market as the main course. Sue Perkins is the new supplies chairperson.

USFS BIRD PROJECT will be led by Brock McCormick and explained in detail at our spring meeting. This will include monitoring osprey nests and cleaning bluebird boxes.

PUBLICITY- Kathy Turnbull will handle the publicity for our local newspaper issuing a warm invitation to newcomers to our organization and pointing out that we only meet twice a year and this is the ideal opportunity to learn about our group. She welcomes any digital photography for her files and publicity.

CABIN HOSTING- Marshall will lead the recruitment at the meeting. The Englands and Drickeys will lead the Junco Cabin staffing and the Feuchts will continue with Monarch. Al will check on opening dates. His wife Toni will ably lead the orientation necessary.

TRAIL REGISTRATION BOXES- Roger will contact the previous volunteers and ask them to continue before he recruits new ones. No changes in box locations.

TRAIL BULLETIN BOARDS- Jim Clair will obtain workers at the spring meeting and provide fine leadership for this project.

TRAIL WORK DAYS- Jim Moat will coordinate his efforts with Dan Matthews of the USFS for practical, useful projects which may include rock work, tree planting and trail work where needed. The group is willing to work in non- wilderness areas. Jerry Stahl asked us to consider volunteering for BLM lands mainly in Grand County. Roger felt we should consider USFS projects first and Marshall wants our group to remain strong. Al will publicize any work days organized by others that may be related to our group.

ORIENTATION HIKES- will be held again this summer on a weekly basis organized by Ingrid Anderson. These hikes familiarize us with trails in Grand County as well as with each other.

VOLUNTEER HOURS- will be reported to Honor Ulveling who will record them for the USFS. Sue Jackson has agreed to assist her, if needed.

BIRD WALKS- Al will lead us in a bird walk at the national Wildlife Refuge sometime in May. A 2nd walk will probably take place in June.

FLOWER WALK- a new event for our group. Hopefully Judy Shetler and Sue Jackson will be a major part of this walk. TBA.

FUNDRAISING- Joyce Clair has ordered new shirts and vests in all sizes especially small size. New this year is size XXlarge. Bags are also available at $8 and $5 each.

TRAIL REPORTS- should be entered into our GCWG website even if it is not a wilderness trail so we can educate others about our fine trails and let the USFS and each other know about problems. Al will write up the instructions.

ART AFFAIR & FRASER RIVER DAYS - Everyone agreed on participating in the annual Art Affair to be held in Winter Park July 25 and 26. We will have our tent filled with brochures, photos of our group and vests, shirts and bags for sale. Joyce Clair will investigate the dates for the Fraser River Days and offer an educational activity for children as part of our outreach.

MEMBERSHIP- Bernards did not attend so there was no report. Al encouraged all of us to carry and distribute our Membership business cards. He distributed them.

NEWSLETTER- Joan and Roger Shaw hope to publish in two weeks with the cooperation of all those with leadership positions.

SPRING CAMP OUT- Susan Ellis and Joyce will be leading our annual campout to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison May 18-20th. Camping will be at the south end. 8 sites with a maximum of four tents each will be reserved. All levels of hiking are available. A visitors center offers information. Drives to the north rim are recommended, particularly on the way out on the 20th. A sign up and deposit will be required as details become available.

EMERITUS STATUS- was recommend by Marshall for the Manlys who have served GCWG in numerous capacities for 12 years. Their work is deeply appreciated.

The board thanked the Clairs for hosting the meeting.

Closing: MEETING ADJOURNED at 9 PM with renewed enthusiasm for Wilderness as well as appreciation for our President Al.

Respectfully submitted, Joan Shaw, acting secretary

PS- Upon departure, Jim Moat found a White Deer disaster gift in his car which demonstrates the care and concern of our group long after the party is over.

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