Grand County Wilderness Group Special Board Meeting 4/13/14

Members: Jim Magee, Al Rothenbach, Tom Whitten, Tom Papathakis, Bob Saint, Gary Perkins, Christine Lee, Doug Smith, Roger Shaw

There was a special GCWG Board Meeting after the Spring Member Meeting at 7:50 p.m. Three board members terms expired in April, 2014: Tom Whitten, Christine Lee & Doug Smith. All three agreed on another term. President Jim Magill asked if there were any other nominations for the three board positions from the floor. There being none the three were elected for another term. Jim Magill's term as President also expires in April, 2014 and he elected not to run for another term. Jim nominated Bob Saint as President and Al Rothenbach as Vice-President. This was seconded by Tom Whitten and approved by all board members.

Trail Registration Boxes: Bob Saint had asked for someone to take over this activity as he will not have time (as President of GCWG) to do this. A volunteer is still needed to take over the Lake Evelyn registration box. Jerry Stahl agreed to do this and Stephen Lee agreed to coordinate the registration box data.

The special board meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Submitted by:
Christine Lee, Secretary

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