GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 4/14/18

Location: A short meeting of the Board was held in the Rowley Room of Snow Mountain Ranch after the Spring Meeting which in addition to reports on finances, membership, Roger Shaw's Memorial, trail head registration boxes (and usage of trails), volunteer hours, camping, and other events and Sign-ups for summer activities; there were informative talks and hand-outs by Andy Borek on Wilderness Regulations (with an emphasis on the Indian Peaks Wilderness) and by John Simmons on how to issue Wilderness Permits. Other business at the Spring Meeting was the report of the Nomination Committee nominating Toni Wujek to the Board. There were no nominations from the floor. The membership elected Toni to the Board by a voice vote.

Board members present: Beth Collins, Jack Reichert, Dick Sprague, Monica Sandstrom, Bambi Statz and Toni Wujek.

Officers of the Board - The Board elected the following Officers: President Jack Reichert, Vice President Gary Perkins, Treasurer Bob Saint, Secretary Beth Collins.

GCWG Clothing: Bambi reported that 27 members had preordered the new long sleeve, buttoned shirts. Monica moved, seconded by Toni, passed unanimously for a shirt order to be placed for those shirts and some additional for inventory. However, since there were not enough pre-orders for the new style of women's shirts, Bambi will prepare a letter to be sent out by Jack to the membership that those shirts will not be ordered at this time until there is enough interest to meet the minimum required by the printer. Bambi and Monica had a very successful night selling GCWG logo wear. Bambi turned over $113 to Jack Reichert who will forward it to the Treasurer.

At 9:30 Bambi moved to adjourn the Board Meeting, seconded Beth and unanimously approved.

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