GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 5/25/07

Location: The Board met at the Moat's house. The meeting was followed by a potluck barbeque.

Attendance: : Board members in attendance were: Joan Shaw, Jerry Stahl, Carolyn Manly, Jim Moat, Al Rothenbach, Jim Bernard, Susan Ellis, and Toni Wujek. Board members Marshall Haith and Joyce Clair were absent. Also in attendance were: Roger Shaw, Jeri Moat, Carolyn Stahl, Mary Bernard, and Donn Manly.

Opening: President Jerry Stahl called the meeting to order at 5:45 PM..

Jim M. motioned that the minutes from the meeting of 3/24/07 be accepted. Carolyn M. seconded the motion. All agreed.

Carolyn M. gave the board a written financial report. A copy is included with these minutes. Currently, the balance on hand is $447.33. $100 of these monies is in the Bittle fund. Carolyn reported that we have 15 ANRA passes from last year for the Junco cabin (GCWG gets 50 cents for each pass sold). There are still a few memberships outstanding, and we will take T-shirts to sell at the Monarch and Junco cabin orientations.

Jerry S. welcomed our two new board members: Susan Ellis and Jim Bernard.

Carolyn M. nominated Al R. for next year's president. Jerry S. seconded the motion (a bit too quickly). The board approved with a unanimous vote.

A discussion followed about whether Toni W. should continue holding the secretary position. Toni felt that, as the new president's wife, there was too much representation from a single family. Toni agreed to continue as secretary if there was no one else interested in the position and if the board did not object.

Jim M. will continue as vice-president. Mary Bernard will assume the duties of membership chairperson from Al. R. He will turn the information over to her in the near future. The board agreed that the by-laws allowed us to bypass re-election of the vice-president and the treasurer.

Roger S. reported on the meeting ( and potluck) that was held at the Shaw's residence on Wednesday, May 23rd. All registration box sponsors, except Herd and Yvonne Clark, attended. It was noted that the Roaring Fork trailhead has been added to our list of registration boxes being sponsored.

Roger S. is still the point person in GCWG for trailhead signage issues. We will be working on the signage at Kaiser Ridge and Kinney Creek this coming season. Roger mentioned that another group will be doing the signage at Roger's Pass.

Jerry S. mentioned that he had received an e-mail from John Simmons of the NFS, asking if the group was interested in participating in on outdoor education day for school kids. Jim M. reported that he helped on that day, May 24th, as a representative of our group. Jim has a canoe and helped ferry 2nd graders from lesson point to lesson point. He will be doing it again in fall with 5th graders.

Joan S. thanked Al. R for leading the bird walk on May 11th. Jerry S. mentioned that he sent the volunteer hours from the walk to Sue Jackson.

Toni W. reminded everyone that the cabin hosting orientation date for Monarch cabin is June 6th, and Junco cabin is July 7th. The NFS will do the cleaning of Monarch cabin. Carolyn and Donn M. will hang the maps purchased with the Bittle gift at Monarch before June 6th. Donn M. will keep on top of the snow on the road to Junco cabin. If it is clear by July 7th, cabin cleaning will be done after the cabin hosting orientation on that day, hopefully, with the participation of folks attending the orientation.

Donn M. talked about scheduling hikes for the group on the trails that we maintain registration boxes at. He suggested Monday as a hike day and he will find someone to lead each hike. The board agreed that we will host hikes each Monday in July and August, but affirmed that we are not a hiking club: the hikes are to familiarize the members with the trails we sponsor.

This year, Daisy Days will again be co-coordinated by Judy Shetler.

Jim M. reported on the upcoming trail maintenance day at the Junco trailhead. The group maintains the trail to Columbine Lake. Gary McGraw will be the NFS representative on that day, which is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 30th (conditions permitting). Jim noted that we may get more volunteers by scheduling on a Saturday. Jim and Gary will do a walk-thru of the trail ahead of time, to decide the areas to be worked on. Carolyn S. suggested that every member who has helped on trail maintenance day in the past should contact a new member and invite them along.

Roger S. reported that this year's backpacking encampment, up Arapahoe Creek to Wheeler Basin, is scheduled for Tuesday, July 10th, through Friday, July 13th.

A discussion on the date for the GPS seminar followed. The date was set for Tuesday, July 24th. Jim B. volunteered to help organize the event.

Tara Jamison has asked the GCWG if they would have a booth at the Middle Park Land Trust dinner at Devil's Thumb on Sunday afternoon, June 24th. Joan S. and Roger S. offered to put up and man the booth. Susan E. offered to help.

MaryAnn Groswold and Dolores Storer are coordinating the GCWG booth at the Art Affair this year. Jerry S. will talk to Joyce C. to make sure Joyce has given MaryAnn and Dolores all the information they need.

Joan S. mentioned that the Fraser Chamber of Commerce has asked that the proposed “Beetle Fest” be combined with Fraser River Days, July 26th -27th. It would be OK for use to wear our shirts and advertise our group. Susan E. motioned that we participate; Carolyn M. seconded the motion. Joan S. will write-up a request asking for volunteers, especially teachers, and we will e-mail it to our members.

Al R. will contact the Cahalanes about scheduling the Milk Can Picnic for a Sunday in August. Joan S. moved that we ask for a $5 donation at the event to cover expenses. Carolyn M. seconded, noting that this may help us avoid raising dues.

Joan S. announced that the next newsletter will be out in October and that the deadline for submitting articles for the newsletter is October 1st. She said that Mountain Parks Electric will issue an apology for the misinformation in the article on our group that was printed in the last issue of Country Life, and will give appropriate credit to the authors of the article. Joan also asked for any good quotes or jokes concerning wilderness be forwarded to her for the newsletter.

Joan S. noted that the Country Life article should be in the GCWG scrapbook, but that we do not currently have a historian to handle this. Susan E. volunteered to take-over the historian position.

Public Lands Day is scheduled for September 29th. It was noted that we need someone to lead our efforts for that day, do recruitment for the event, answer questions, and maybe get a project especially for our group.

Jerry S. will continue as our liaison with the NFS.

Carolyn S. has a complete GCWG e-mail list; she will serve as Al R.'s backup when he is away. Mary B. will also have a complete e-mail list when the membership turn-over is complete. It was noted that the membership list is purged on July 1st; membership at this time, before the purge, is 130.

Susan E. reported that she has been approached by Wendy Christensen, who asked if we had any interest in having a booth for our group at the Fraser rodeo. This would be one time only, would need 3 or 4 volunteers to man it, and we could sell anything we wanted to. If we sold baked goods, it could be a money maker for us. Joyce C. has agreed to spearhead this effort. The board agreed to participate.

Joan S. noted that a few of our business cards should be placed in each of our registration boxes. During the group hikes in July and August, the hike leaders will put cards into the boxes.

Joan S. thanked Jerry S. for his year as group president. The entire board also voiced their thanks.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 7:12 PM.

Toni Wujek, Secretary

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