GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 6/7/20

June 7, 2020 6:00 pm Zoom meeting

The meeting was called to order by Beth Collins. The following persons were present: Beth Collins, Toni Wujek, Joyce Clair, Gary Piper, Ingrid Anderson, Monica Sandstrom, Roxanne Singler, Jack Reichert, Steve Henning. A quorum was established.

The Board approved new officers as follows:

It was proposed by Beth that a committee system be used this year to allow binding actions to be taken between Board meetings. The committees would keep the Board members up to date through emails.

Scheduling Committee: Member meetings are scheduled as follows.

It was moved by Roxanne Singler and seconded by Toni Wujek that the committee to set these meetings would be Beth Collins and Jack Reichert and their duties would be to determine and publish dates after consulting with the Board for date preferences. Motion passed. Summer Picnic Committee

It was moved by Ingrid Anderson and seconded by Monica Sandstrom that the committee would be Roxanne Singler and Jack Reichert and their duties would be to determine if and how we can have a picnic including changing the format to BYO food and drink and physical outdoor spacing plus anything else the committee decides. Motion passed. Hikes and Trails Committee

It was moved by Monica Sandstrom and seconded by Toni Wujek that Joyce Clair and Steve Hennings form this committee and their duties would be to determine with the Forest Service if hikes are possible this summer. If so, they will set up orientation hikes and trail work hikes and a possible backpacking trip. They will determine limits on participation and procedures to follow. Motion passed. Weed Warrior Committee

It was moved by Monica Sandstrom and seconded by Toni Wujek that Beth Collins will form this committee and her duty will be to determine in consultation with the Forest Service if, when and how our annual weeding day will take place. Motion passed. Membership committee will be done by Bob Saint. Cabin Hosting Committee

It was moved by Roxanne Singler and seconded by Gary Piper that the committee will consist of Jack Reichert, Beth Collins, Toni Wujek, Monica Sandstrom and Gary Piper. Their duties will be to work with the Forest Service to establish plans and procedures to provide safe work conditions for volunteers at Monarch and Junco cabins in this Covid-19 summer. The committee is authorized to spend up to $600 for materials needed. Motion passed. The Board went over the list of membership recommendations for cabin hosting procedures. Beth will prepare a list for Clayton at the Forest Service and will coordinate with the Forest Service requirements and the CDC requirements in the county to create a document which will be presented to the Board members. New Business

Ingrid brought up the subject of closed bathrooms at the trailheads and the problems it is creating with toilet paper, etc all over. She has emailed Clayton at the Forest Service but has not received a reply yet. It was discussed how we could best educate people on how to use the bathroom in the wilderness----Leave No Trace. It was moved by Beth Collins and seconded by Monica Sandstrom that a committee be formed with Ingrid Anderson, Steve Hennings, Beth Collins and Gary Piper to be called Leave No Trace public education committee. Their duty will be to explore how best to educate the public about this issue and talk to the Forest Service about this issue. The committee will be allocated up to $100 to spend. Motion passed. If there is anything a Board member thinks needs attention, especially involving money or commitments, before the next Board meeting on September 27 it can be brought up to the Executive Committee which is comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary for action. Roxanne Singler moved the meeting be adjourned at 7:35pm Seconded by Gary Piper. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Clair, Secretary

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