GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 6/08/14

Location: Sulphur Ranger District Office, Granby CO
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Attendance: Board members: Roger Shaw, Lisa Vonderharr, Gary Perkins, Al Rothenbach, Tom Whitten, Tom Papathakis and Bob Saint
Guests: Joan Shaw, Sue Perkins, Izzie Ditmarson and Ann Steers
Board members absent: Christine Lee, Doug Smith, Jim McGill and Ingrid Anderson

  1. Approval of March, 2014 Minutes

    Minutes were approved.

  2. Treasurers Report – Tom Whitten

    Tom reported that there is $2595.37 in the checking account

  3. Membership Report – Mike Braddy

    Al gave Mike's report: The membership continues to increase. Mike sent out notices in April. Currently there are 88 memberships and 148 members.

  4. Clothing Item Sales – Lisa Vonderharr

    Jim McGill has the inventory of items for sale in storage. Lisa reported that there is a need for more medium women's shirts. Volunteer shirts will be needed for the July Junco cabin orientation. All items will be needed for sales at the Art Affair and Granby 4th of July booth.

  5. Newsletter – Holly Whitten

    The newsletter comes out twice a year. The next one will come out in September. Copies of newsletters will be available at events (4th of July booth and Art Affair).

  6. Trail Registration Boxes – Stephen Lee

    The registration box at the Bowen trailhead could not be replaced as planned on May 31st. The Bartholomew's will replace it when they can. Jim Clair will replace the box at Vasquez trailhead when the box from Bowen is available. Al will prepare laminated instruction sheets for all registration boxes.

  7. Cabin Hosting - Mary Ann Groswold

    Al and Toni had orientation at Monarch. They will hold another orientation at Junco on July 12. Monarch is fully signed up for cabin hosts. Junco still has some openings in June.

  8. Trail Hosting.

    Next year we should have a refresher at the spring meeting. Al will send out a reminder about recording volunteer hours while trail hosting

  9. Orientation Hikes – Ingrid Anderson

    Ingrid continues to work on the schedule. She sent out an email to potential hike leaders. Orientation hikes are on Monday this year. Roger expressed concerned that the group is stretching ourselves too thin having these hikes. Al said we could tell people about trail hosting while we walk and it creates camaraderie.

  10. . Volunteer Hours – Toni Wujek

    Toni will ask for quarterly reports. Reports should include Osprey hours, trail hosting and other individual volunteer activities. Trail work reports are to be given to Toni by trip leaders. The Forest Service volunteer form should be given to the Forest Service to be included in the Volunteer Services Agreement.

  11. Spring Camping Trip – Tom Papathakis/Dick Sutherland

    Tom is considering Capital Reef National Park as a location. Probably can't make reservations until January.

  12. Historian

    Ann Steers is now group historian. Send pictures or articles to her. Izzy will send a disk to Ann at end of season.

  13. Publicity – 50th/20th Anniversaries

    There are three displays (Winter Park visitor center, Granby Forest Service office and Bob has one). Tom P. has a banner for the 50th and Bob has the GCWG banner. Tom has handouts for 50th and jumbo posters. These can be used for the July 4th parade.

    1. Newspaper/Summer Guide Articles Reid Armstrong, Public Affairs Specialist for the Forest Service, has been working on these. There will be four newspaper articles this summer and one in the Grand County summer guide.
    2. Advertisements/Fliers There will be a paid advertisement in the Grand County summer guide paid for by GCWG. Also, there will up to four ads in the Sky-Hi Daily News. GCWG will pay for one and the USFS will pay for the rest.
    3. Wilderness Hikes and Walks for Wilderness. Would like the general public to come. How do we get the word out? Some suggestions were: Post a flyer at P.O., chamber offices, Sky Hi News calendar, website. Channel 17 (Jerry Nuesome is contact for TV station). Grand county tourism has a calendar (Sue Perkins will contact tourism board and chambers), radio station.

  14. Review Summer Schedule (attached)

    Evening campground wilderness program. Tom P. gave talk at Stillwater Campground on June 7th. Al will send out notice for June 12-13 kiosk construction activity. Izzy will be contact person. John Wiles is a volunteer for Wilderness Hike that Chris is organizing for June 21.

    1. Report on 4th of July Parade – Joan Shaw The parade route is less than one mile. Meet at 10:15 on Meadow Rd. 20 people have signed up. Joan would like at least 30 people. Everyone should wear GCWG blue tee shirts. No dogs. Tent and table will be set up in the park at 8:30 before parade (Jim M. has tent and table). Dig up small trees with dirt. Extra trees to be given away. AmeriCorp volunteers should be contacted if they would like to join. Smokey bear would be good to have. Bob will present tree to mayor at review stand. Sue will bring same items that will be used at Art Affair (brochures, etc.). Joan will have a tag to put on every tree. Every board members needs to supply 8 or so trees. Joan showed board members the informational tags. Be prepared to start parade by 10:45. Summer Picnic - 50/20 Anniversary Celebration Party- Ron Sears needs to be contacted about cooking the meat. Nick will have a presentation of photos. Discussion on whether to invite local government officials. Further discussion around having a group picture, cupcakes, public address system, loud speaker, large sign for display, etc. Keeney Creek trail date could be changed. There is general wear and tear that could be worked on. Izzy would prefer another date. GCWG activity for National Public Lands Day will be creating a turnpike at Monarch Lake.
    2. Action Items
      1. Winter Park Business License for Art Affair
        Sue will check
      2. Granby Business License for 4th of July
        Joan will check
      3. Update of Oct.4th Event David Skaggs and Hank Brown have committed for event. Udall's staff said they would put it on their list. Tim Worth is doing an event in Glenwood, CO and he might be willing to do our event, too. Ralph Swain will come and invite USFS Superintendent. The board approved the motion to hold the event at The Church of Eternal Hills. They also approved payment of $300 ($150 to be refunded after the event) to The Church of Eternal Hills, now. The forest service will reimburse GCWG $150 at the time of the event. There will be refreshments afterwards.

  15. National Wilderness Conference – Albuquerque Discussion about sponsorship for local USFS person, Nick, by GCWG. The USFS will not be paying for him to attend. The board decided not to sponsor Nick but would like to acknowledge his enthusiastic contributions to GCWG and 50th anniversary activities in some way.

  16. Trail Work Days – Doug Smith b. Update on Knight Ridge Trail Maintenance – US Forest Service Bob went with Nick to survey trail from Arapahoe Bay to the end of the work done by GCWG before we were ordered to stop. Nick will report to Craig on findings, and hopefully persuade him to lift the ban on doing maintenance on this trail. Members of the Board and Forest Service would like to survey the trail from the other end. Izzy will look into getting a boat to take us to the Forest Boundary with the National Park on Monday, June 16th. The Headwater Trail Alliance would like to use the knight ridge trail as part of the Granby to Grand Lake Trail. They would build the trail along the shore after it got into wilderness.

  17. Trail Bulletin Board a. Additional Kiosks Nick should prepare proposal for Additional Kiosks for the September meeting for funding by the GCWG.

  18. September Board Meeting a. Sunday, September 14 b. Chris and Stephen Lee - Host

  19. Old Business/New Business
    1. FYI-Volunteer Services Agreement with Forest Service signed
    2. Wilderness Posters
      A motion was passed to buy the minimum number of 50th Anniversary John Fielder posters from the Ft. Collins Wilderness group to get the non-profit discount and sell them at events.
    3. John Fielder He is available to give programs on Wilderness. The Board agreed to look into sponsoring an event in late January or early February, possibly at the SilverCreek Inn Conference Center. i. FYI—There is a John Denver Tribute for Wilderness by Jon Fielder – Buell Theatre, Oct. 25
    4. Board agreed to send an email about the benefit for Betty Dick's ranch.

Action Items:

  1. Lisa will have inventory of items sales soon
  2. Al will prepare laminated instruction sheets for all registration boxes
  3. Ingrid will prepare schedule of orientation hikes
  4. Al will send out a reminder about recording volunteer hours while trail hosting
  5. Tom P. is considering Capital Reef National Park as a location for 2015Spring Camping trip
  6. Sue Perkins will contact tourism board and chambers about Wilderness Hikes and Walks for Wilderness.
  7. Al to send out notice about kiosk construction
  8. Al to send out notice about digging up trees and signing up for parade participation through Joan.
  9. Jim M. will make tent and table available for parade.
  10. Sue to bring items for parade tent table
  11. Bob will coordinate with USFS for AmeriCorp and other USFS participants and Smokey the Bear.
  12. Bob will work with USFS on logistics for summer party and talk to Ron Sears about cooking the meat
  13. Izzy will propose another date for Keeney Creek trail work.
  14. Izzie will find out if boat is available for survey of Knight Ridge Trail on June 16th.
  15. Joan will give information about Betty Dick fundraiser to Al to send email.
  16. Bob will buy 50th Anniversary John Fielder posters.
  17. Bob will to look into sponsoring a John Fielder event in late January or early February, possibly at the SilverCreek Inn Conference Center.
  18. Bob will inform Board about John Denver Tribute for Wilderness by Jon Fielder – Buell Theatre, Oct. 25 and possibly arrange for a group to go.

Submitted by: Ann Sterrs, for Chris Lee, Secretary

Grand County Wilderness Group
Schedule of Events for Summer 2014

April 13 – Spring Members Meeting and Potluck
April 25-28 – Spring Camping Trip (and Raft Trip) – Dinosaur National Monument
May 23 - Spring Bird Trip - Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge near Walden
May 24 – Evening Campground Wilderness Program – Stillwater campground
May 28 – Monarch Lake Cabin Hosting Orientation
May 29 – Trails Night 2014 – Fraser Outdoor Activity Center
May 31 – Trail Work Day
June 7 - Evening Campground Wilderness Program – Stillwater campground
June 12-13 – Kiosk Construction Project
June 14 - Evening Campground Wilderness Program – Green Ridge campground
June 21 – Wilderness Hike – 8:30 am at Monarch Lake
June 28 – Wilderness Kiosk Sign Installation
June 28 – Walk for Wilderness – 9:00 am at Community Gardens Town Park, Hot Sulphur Springs
July 4 – Granby Parade
July 5 - Evening Campground Wilderness Program – Stillwater campground
July 12 – Junco Cabin Hosting Orientation
July 12 – Wilderness Hike – Meet at 8:30 am at the Junco Cabin
July 12 – Wilderness Volunteers Presentation – 6:30 pm at Fraser Historic Church
July 19-20 – Winter Park Alpine Art Affair
July 21-23 – Second Creek Trail Project – Broome Hut
July 26 - Evening Campground Wilderness Program – Green Ridge campground
July 31 – Daisy Demolition Day – Meet at 9:00 am at Monarch Lake
August 10 – Walk for Wilderness – Meet at 9:00 am at the Fraser Sports Complex.
August 13-16 – Columbine Lake Trail Re-route
August 16 - Evening Campground Wilderness Program – Stillwater campground
August 24 – Annual Picnic – 5:30 pm at Forest Service Double AA Barn
August 30 - Evening Campground Wilderness Program – Green Ridge campground
September 6-7 – Trail Work on the Kinney Creek Trail
September 12 – Wilderness Hike in the Vasquez Wilderness – 8:30 am in Alco parking lot
September 27 – National Public Lands Day
October 4 – Colorado Wilderness Act of 1993 Celebration – 6:30 pm at Church of the Eternal Hills, Tabernash
October 15-19 – National Wilderness Conference - Albuquerque

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