GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 6/12/11

Location: The Board met at the house of Toni Wujek and Al Rothenbach. The meeting preceded and followed a potluck dinner

Attendance: Board members present were Jim Moat, Jim Magill, Roger Shaw, Doug Smith, Chris Lee, Tom Whitten, and Toni Wujek. Board members Jim Bernard, Susan Ellis, and Ingrid Anderson were absent. Members Beth Collins, Mary Bernard (left early), Jeri Moat, Joan Shaw, Stephen Lee, and Al Rothenbach were also present.

Opening: The meeting was called to order by President Jim Magill at 6:10PM.

Standing in for the Treasurer, Mary B. reported that the group's current balance is $3559.

Mary B. also read a thank you note from Grand County Search and Rescue. The note was in response to the group's donation.

Mary B. is membership chair. She announced that she is preparing a new membership list.

Jim Magill welcomed new board members Doug Smith, Chris Lee, and Tom Whitten.

Jim Magill reported that Bob Drickey and the Smiths will open Junco cabin for the season on June 24th. We discussed ANRA passes and decided we have enough at both Monarch and Junco cabins to start the season. We need Indian Peaks maps to sell: Joan S. will order 10 for each cabin. Al R. talked about the Adventure Packs that the Forest Service is making available at Monarch cabin. The group had previously expressed a reluctance to participate, but, since the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce is telling visitors about them, we agreed that we have to deal with the packs when we host Monarch.

Doug S. announced that our annual Trail Work Day is scheduled for 10:00AM on July 7th at the Junco trailhead.

Beth C. announced that our annual Daisy Demolition Day is set for 9:00AM on July 27th at Monarch cabin.

The ArtAffair is schedule for the weekend of July 23rd and 24th. We discussed having a booth again, and agreed to do it, since it is our one source of publicity. We will need volunteers to man our booth there. Chris L. will call Joyce Clair to make sure we get a site for the booth. She will also check with Joyce about the T-shirt inventory. Al R. will send an e-mail asking for volunteers.

Tom W. announced that the work days to decommission the unlawful extension of the Strawberry Trail are scheduled for August 18 – 21 and August 25 – 28. These dates were set by the NFS. We will work with the Colorado Mountain Club. The group needs to know where and when to meet.

Jim Magill reported for Ingrid Anderson, our orientation hike chairman. Ingrid has three hikes schedule and is looking for more hike leaders. Currently, the hikes are set for Tuesdays. It was noted that two other Grand County groups hike on Tuesday. We will suggest to Ingrid that each hike leader be allowed to select the day of the week for the hike.

Bulletin boards were discussed. The registration box adopters are supposed to be calling the Hunters with the status of the boards at their trailhead. We cannot use the trail maps from the Hiking Grand County, Colorado book on the boards as we had hoped. According to one of the book's authors, Deborah Carr, the maps in the book are copyrighted by National Geographic. Jim Magill will contact the Hunters for the status of work on the bulletin boards.

Roger S. reported that he has finished assembling last year's registration box statistics. In general, the numbers at each trailhead are “incredibly” constant, except for Monarch Lake, which is getting busier. Roger S. noted that the electronic counters that were tested at two trailheads last season did not work well; there were too many false positives. It was noted that the NFS office will laminate any pages meant for the bulletin boards or the registration boxes for us.

Information on our TUTI (Totally Unauthorized Trail Initiative) efforts can be obtained from our website or by contacting Roger S.

The annual picnic is scheduled for August 14th at the Double A Barn. Jim Magill will ask Ron Sears if he will again smoke meat for the main course.

It was suggested that we price visors with our logo to sell along with our T-shirts.

Al R. will get the dates for the St. Louis Lake openings from the NFS and post them on the website.

The next board meeting will be on Sunday, September 11th. Chris and Stephen Lee will host the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15PM

Toni Wujek, Secretary

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