GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 8/2/20

Aug 2, 2020 5:30 pm Zoom meeting

The meeting was called to order by Beth Collins. TThe following people were present:  Beth Collins, Gary Piper,  Joyce Clair,  Monica Sandstorm, Ingrid Anderson,  Toni Wujek, Al Rothenbach,  Roxanne Singler,  Jack Reichert, Steve Henning.

Clayton Cornwell from the Forest Service was present to discuss volunteer opportunities for this summer. Because of the pandemic, he gave a history of what needed to take place before the GCWG could volunteer.  He explained that for any volunteers to work, not just GCWG, a risk assessment needs to be filled out by him and a volunteer agreement that lists a general idea of activities .  Then this has to be approved by his supervisor.  Also there can be no volunteering in large groups.  He will do the paper work this week and let us know when it is approved.  Then the board can get into details for various projects. The following ideas were discussed and will be listed on the work access sheet. 

  1.   Light trail maintenance hikes
    Clayton said Andy at the Forest Service was the person to contact about which trails would be the most helpful to him.  We would be hiking,  doing some light work, and reporting to the Forest Service the condition of the trail.  A digital report and some pictures would be helpful.  STeve Henning will organize this after the paperwork is done.  Joyce Clair could plan some informational hikes to familiarize the members with various trails as long as the numbers were limited. 
  2.   Monofilament  work.
    Fishing line would be collected and recycled.
  3.   Fire rings could be deconstructed.
  4.   Help install the solar battery at Monarch cabin if help is needed.
  5.   Registration boxes
    These will not be done this summer.
  6.   Winterizing Junco cabin
    Use the list at the cabin to prepare the cabin for winter.  No winterizing is needed at Monarch cabin.

Clayton suggested other projects:

  1.   Continental Divide trail signs need fixing or replaced.
  2. . Other sign replacement projects

Roxanne asked about the rules for using the AA barn as GCWG reserved it for August 9 for the annual picnic.  Right now only 10 people are allowed in the barn.  The county rules say 50 people can be allowed at a group gathering.  It was decided to cancel the annual picnic for these reasons.  Roxanne will cancel the reservation.

Ingrid Anderson brought up the Trail Ambassador program that we used before. Small groups hiked trails and looked for fire rings to deconstruct or other work that needed to be done.  This is similar to the Light Trail Maintenance hikes.  These hikes will be organized as soon as we receive the paperwork from Clayton.

Gary Piper brought up the meeting he had with Bob Fanch of Devils Thumb about a land swap he was proposing to the Forest Service.  Gary showed us a map of the area involved where Devils Thumb borders the Indian Peaks Wilderness.  It is a 2-4 year process with the Forest Service. GCWG needs to consider how to respond. 

It was discussed whether to cancel dues for this year since we have no expenses because of inactivity.  Toni Wujek moved we forgo dues this year.  Ingrid Anderson seconded the motion. Motion passed.

It was moved by Roxanne Singler that the meeting be adjourned.  Seconded by Steve Henning.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:50pm

Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Clair, Secretary

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