GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 8/13/06

Location: The Board met after the Milk Can Picnic at the Double A Barn in Greenridge Village.

Attendance: Board members in attendance were: Marshall Haith, Joan Shaw, Jerry Stahl, Carolyn Manly, Mary Bernard, Jim Moat, Al Rothenbach, Joyce Clair, and Toni Wujek. Also in attendance were: Roger Shaw, Jeri Moat, and Donn Manly

Opening: Jerry Stahl called the meeting to order at 7:43PM. Since we were meeting outdoors and the sun was setting, the evening was getting chilly and the board responded to the opening with a chorus of “Cuddle Up A Little Closer".

Treasurer's Report: Carolyn M. gave the board a written financial report. A copy is included with these minutes. Currently, the balance on hand is $724. This figure does not include $20 taken-in at the Milk Can Picnic. There is $124 outstanding in unpaid Milk Can Picnic bills.

Trail Maintenance Day: Jim M. reported that 18 members participated in the Columbine Lake Trail Maintenance Day on June 28th. After the work day, Jim and Jerry S. met with Brad Orr of the NFS to discuss the group's dissatisfaction with the leadership provided by the NFS that day. Brad agreed that camaraderie and the social aspects of the day are important to the work day experience and noted that he valued the input and assistance of the GCWG. In discussing the question of who should be managing the volunteer work crews, Brad indicated that Ray Miller's function is to serve as a representative of the NFS and as a safety observer.

Cabin Hosting Orientation Coordinator: Donn M. is stepping down as cabin hosting orientation coordinator. Donn offered to help train the new coordinator but believes that the new person should be able to do things their own way. Toni W. agreed to assume to coordinator position.

Cabin Hosting: Al R. mentioned that the copy of Deborah Carr's trail guide at Junco cabin needs to be replaced. Carolyn M. volunteered to get one and get it to the cabin. Joyce C. noted that the Junco cabin host could use a good, separate write-up on the Columbine Lake trail to distribute to hikers unfamiliar with the trail. It was also noted that bicyclists require a $2 pass, but we do not have these available to sell. Also, when the NFS issues a yellow envelope to vehicles not displaying an ANRA pass, the cabin host should not take the $5 for the pass if it is offered. The recipient needs to send it in, since these envelopes are being tracked. Roger S. mentioned that Junco cabin ran out of ANRA passes and that someone needs to get more from the NFS office. We pay $4.50 up-front for every $5.00 pass. Marshall H. asked why we need to pay up-front for them: we are doing the NFS a service. Jerry S. volunteered to bring up this issue with Dan Matthews and ask for 100 more passes to cover the rest of the season at Junco

Trailhead Signage: Roger S. reported that the trailhead panels are up at Vasquez and Lake Evelyn, but both need filling. The NFS would like one of our group to hike these trails and take photos. He also reported that a whole new sign is planned for the Knight's Ridge/ Roaring Fork trailhead. Another trailhead sign is needed at Roger's Pass. Carol Kitts has photos ready for the Monarch panels, but needs access to them.

Trailhead Registration Boxes: Al R. noted that there is an ongoing problem with members picking up completed registration box forms but not forwarding them to the box coordinator.

Milk Can Picnic: The board thanked the Cahalanes for all the effort they put into a very successful picnic

Backpack Trips: Roger S. reported on the 2-night backpack to Baker's Pass in mid-July. Another trip is tentatively planned up Arapahoe Creek to Wheeler Basin for the end of August. He will send out more information on this trip.

Art Fair: Joyce C. reported that $288 was collected at the Art Fair, including 2 new memberships. This year, the booth was in a relatively good position, but Joyce had trouble finding volunteers to man it. She noted that several new members stepped up to help. Joan S. suggested that maybe next year the booth should be at the Craft Fair instead of the Art Fair, in order to reach a different audience. There is a Craft Fair in Grand Lake in the fall. A suggestion was made to have a booth there.

T-shirt Sales: Carolyn M. reported that the group has taken in $578 in T-shirt sales since April 1st. She noted that we need more small size shirts. The board discussed whether to sell T-shirts at the Junco and Monarch cabins and decided not to.

Member Meetings: Jim M. observed that our member meetings may be too “short and sweet”. This has been done on purpose, in the interest of keeping the meeting from getting too drawn out. However, members seem to be missing what's happening. He suggested that we could cover fewer items more thoroughly. It was observed that the cabin hosting signup at the spring meeting went very well. The group could do something similar for registration boxes.

Website: Al R. raised a question about whether the membership list should be available openly on the website. The group decided that this was not necessary, since the list is sent to new members when they join and to old members once a year.


Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Toni Wujek, Secretary

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