GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 9/9/12

Location: The board meeting was held at the house of Doug Smith & Patricia Potter. The meeting followed a potluck dinner with a birthday cake for Joan Shaw celebrating her 79th

Attendance: Board members present were Jim Magill, Doug Smith, Tom Whitten, Chris Lee, Al Rothenbach, Lisa Vonderharr, Tom Papathakis, Sue Perkins, Gary Perkins, Ingrid Anderson, Roger Shaw. Members: Beth Collins, Patricia Potter, Holly Whitten, Joan Shaw, Mike Brady.

Opening: The meeting was called to order by President Jim Magill at 7:25 p.m.

Minutes from the June 10th meeting were approved. The Treasurer's report (bank balance - $4245.48) was presented by Tom W and accepted by the board. This led to a discussion of projects which some of this money can be used for. There was agreement to use some of the money to restock and/or buy more kids' backpacks for Junco and Monarch (perhaps better binoculars). This would depend on Forest Service approval.

WILDERNESS PRESENTATION - The next item of business was the Forest Service/GCWG sponsored wilderness presentation on Saturday, September 15 at the Church of the Eternal Hills. Jim Magill had reserved a room at a nearby hotel for the guest speaker and the Forest Service would be responsible for any publicity, circulars, etc. Jim had flyers for the event. He asked for volunteers to put these up in any public area. There was discussion about putting an ad in the paper but most board members felt that it should be left up to the Forest Service to do that. Our group would be responsible for the refreshments and Sue P. volunteered to buy coffee, cookies, etc. The board also agreed on a contribution of $100 to the church for the use of the facilities.

NATIONAL PUBLIC LANDS DAY With NPLD coming up soon on Saturday, September 29, our members should be encouraged to work on one of the seven projects. After some discussion it was decided that Jim would e-mail our membership to remind them of the day and give them the four projects that board members thought were the best -- Baker-Gulch, Kinney Creek, Colorado River Cleanup, and the Winter Park Trail.

CABIN HOSTING Most of the cabin hosting days were covered this summer. There was a problem with the cash that seemed to be accumulating from the sale of day passes, backcountry permits, etc. Although the handbook states that excessive monies should be turned over to the treasurer most people did not seem to know or had forgotten this section. Solution: a short orientation/talk at the April spring meeting about this.

TRAIL HOSTING -- A short talk at the spring meeting about what trail hosting means: what to do, what areas it covers, the wearing of badges, etc.

TRAIL WORK DAYS Doug Smith reported that his proposal to work on Columbine Lake Trail was turned down by the Forest Service. (They intend to do some changes to the route). He was also told that they would give him a list of projects but never came back to him with that list. His suggestion is that we find our own project and do it. TUTI does this now but on an irregular schedule. His suggestion is that we do TUTI on a regular basis, perhaps every third Thursday, and just show up on that day at a certain area. Roger Shaw said that this would be possible and it was agreed that we would set up dates and publicize them at the spring meeting.

DAISY DAYS Beth Collins reported that this August weed pulling day turned out great. It has been expanded, per Joan Shaw, to weed pulling at the Fraser Library.

HIKES -- Ingrid reported that all of the hikes went well. As in previous years hike leaders were slow to respond but eventually all Fridays in June, July and August were covered. There seems to be confusion on what the Wilderness group expects from members. Two hostings plus two other things? Does leading a hiking trip count? Perhaps this could be another topic for discussion at the April meeting.

BIRD WALKS/FLOWER WALKS Al R. said that we had the May trip to Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge and a flower walk before the picnic. We'll have the Arapaho Wildlife Refuge trip again next year.

OLD BUSINESS Regarding reimbusement for Ron Sears for gasoline used for TUTTI projects. He doesn't ask for any money but the board felt that there should be some reimbursement. The decision was made to give him $50.00.


NEWSLETTER Holly Whitten volunteered to take over from Joan Shaw. A new member (Jean Vasicek) had volunteered to help. Holly & Joan will get in touch with her.

TRAIL REGISTRATION BOXES Roger Shaw still needs someone to oversee this.

ARTAFFAIR/T-SHIRTS/HATS Lisa V. and Ingrid agreed to share this position. They will order new T-Shirts and hats and find a place to store them.

NEW BUSINESS -- Doug brought up the storage of wood under the deck at Junco Cabin which is against Fire Regulations. GCWG will get rid of the wood under the deck.

FALL MEETING When, where and who will be the guest speaker. Joan Shaw suggested Karen Vance. She will ask her. It was agreed that we would pay Karen $200 . The date will be Sunday, October 14, at the YMCA (Jim will check with the Y on getting the room). Main course will be baked chicken ordered from City Market (Chris Lee to order and pick up).

Next board meeting will be on Sunday, January 13 at Sue & Gary Perkins house.

Adjournment: The board meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Submitted by: Christine Lee, Secretary

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