GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 9/11/11

Location: Tmet at the house of Stephen and Chris Lee. The meeting preceded and followed a potluck dinner

Attendance: Board members present were Jim Magill, Roger Shaw, Jim Bernard, Chris Lee, and Toni Wujek. Board members Jim Moat, Susan Ellis, Doug Smith, Tom Whitten, and Ingrid Anderson were absent. Members Beth Collins, Al Rothenbach, Stephen Lee, Joan Shaw, and Mary Bernard were also present.

Opening: The meeting was called to order by President Jim Magill at 7:05PM.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved as posted on the web site.

Jim B. gave the treasurer's report. The group has $3784.42 on hand, including the monies from T-shirt sales and Junco cabin. This is approximately the same place we were in last year financially. Jim recommended leaving the membership rate at $15 per household. He also asked us to consider worthy causes that we could contribute to.

Reporting for Doug Smith, Jim M. asked for ideas on how to get more members to show up on work days. Discussion followed: let's talk it up at members' meetings, make a big deal in e-mail, mentioning the low turn-out percentage and that there are jobs available at all levels, and how about free food?

We are adopters of the Columbine Lake Trail from the intersection with the Caribou Pass trail. We have never had a sign. Doug S. has filled out the paperwork to get one. Doug or Jerry Stahl with talk to the Forest Service about re-routing parts of the trail; so, next year's trail work day will be the Columbine Lake Trail again.

Jim M. also reported for Joyce Clair, our inventory and sales chairman. Joyce would like someone else to take over this position, although she is willing to continue to store our inventory. She also suggests that we order more stuff.

Jim M. reported that the Forest Service does not have time to maintain the bulletin boards, so they are thrilled with anything our group does with the boards. They are willing to print up regulations and topo maps and laminate them for us. There are ten bulletin boards at 10 registration boxes: some have locks, some don't. Duane Hunter will put together a packet for each bulletin board. He needs pictures of experiences on the trails. It was suggested that Duane give the registration box volunteers a list of what should be on the boards so they can check off what is already there. Roger S. will send out an e-mail to the registration box adopters asking them for an inventory of what is on the board at their box. Jim B. suggested that we offer to pay for bulletin board materials.

Jim M. asked for comments on the picnic. Joan and Roger presented the first annual traveling “Skillet Award” to Ron Sears for his excellent smoked meats. Destinations for the spring camping trip were discussed. The group settled on the Needles section of Canyonlands. Mary and Jim B. and Al and Toni will organize the trip.

The fall members' meeting will be held at the Adam's Camp Summit building at the Y on November 13th, a day the Broncos don't play. Jim M. will reserve the room and ask Susan Ellis to arrange food from the Y.

The next board meetings are scheduled for January 8th, March 11th, May 10th, and September 9th.

Beth C. volunteered to write-up Daisy Days for the newsletter. Roger will write-up TUTI and the encampment. Toni will write up the 2011 spring camping trip to Bandolier for the newsletter. The area we were in has since burned.

Chris L. offered to solicit the group for National Public Lands Day volunteers. We will volunteer as a group for the Bowen Gulch trail and the Flume trail work.

Al R. asked “Should members be able to sign-up for cabin hosting for next year before the spring meeting?” A discussion followed; a decision was tabled until the January meeting.

Deborah Carr was suggested as a speaker for the fall members' meeting. The Shaws volunteered to contact her.

Al R. will have more member brochures made.

Junco cabin needs a new porch umbrella. The Shaws offered to donate one.

Should we do another membership survey? Al R. and Jim M. will review the original one and suggest changes as appropriate.

Jim M. will repair the broken windows at Junco cabin.

A motion was made to reimburse Ron Sears $30 for the pontoon gas used for his trips to take TUTI workers to the Knight's Ridge trail. The motion passed.

A lot of new members are part-time residents of Grand County and are not here for the spring and fall members' meetings. How do we get them involved? An early summer hike with a potluck afterwards was suggested.

The next board meeting will be on Sunday, January 8th. At the home of Jim Magill and Beth Collins.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10PM

Toni Wujek, Secretary

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