GCWG Board Meeting Minutes 9/26/10

Location: The Board met at the house of Jim and Jeri Moat. The meeting followed a potluck dinner.

Attendance: Board members present were Al Rothenbach, Jerry Stahl, Jim Magill, Joyce Clair, Susan Ellis, Roger Shaw, Jim Moat, and Toni Wujek. Board members Jim Bernard and Ingrid Anderson were absent. Members Joan Shaw, Beth Collins, Jim Clair, Carolyn Stahl, and Jeri Moat were also present.

Opening: President Al Rothenbach called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved as posted on the web site.

The Treasurer's report, from absent board member Jim Bernard, was given by Jim Moat. There have been no significant transactions since the last report. The group currently has a balance of $2944. Jim B. will take care of the newly required non-for-profit tax return. Roger S. noted that the group purchased a saw for $350 with board approval.

The Fall Members' Meeting will be scheduled for Sunday, 11/21. If this date is not available, Al R. will try for 11/20, 11/14, or 11/7. Al R. will get our normal room at the Y. The Stahl's will contact the Y to provide lasagna for the main course. Joan S. will contact Deborah Carr and Lou Ladrigan to ask them to speak about their new book and about snowshoeing opportunities for this winter.

Kathy Turnbull has resigned from the board and from the Publicity Chair position. Al R. will ask Kristen Lodge if she will takeover the Publicity Chair. The board position will be filled at the spring election.

The group needs someone to co-ordinate the bulletin board efforts. Roger S. suggested that the trailhead registration box sponsor take charge of the bulletin board at their trailhead. There are ten bulletin boards. We need to create a standard for what belongs in the boxes. There are problems with access to the boxes, since some of the padlock keys may be misplaced. Roger S. will send a note asking the registration box sponsors to note the state of the bulletin board and the lock at their last registration sheet pickup this year. Al R. will ask Gary Piper, Duane Hunter, or the Lucas's to co-ordinate theses efforts.

Roger reported on the automatic counter that was placed at the Junco and Baker trailheads for a month each. The counter reported 556 “hikers” during its month at Junco, and 1500 “hikers” during its month at Baker. He will compare these numbers to the registration box figures when he gets them.

Al R. asked if we should add new registration boxes at more trailheads. Roger S. said that there is no push from the Forest Service for more. The board agreed that the Devil's Thumb trailhead could use a box, and that the box at the Lake Evelyn trailhead should be moved because no one sees it where it is. Jim C. will take care of organizing these changes.

Al R. asked that we start thinking about ideas for the Spring Camping trip. Joan S. will ask for suggestions in the upcoming newsletter.

Chris Lee will again co-ordinate volunteers for the Smokey the Bear Xmas Tree sale this year. Although we can no longer take Polaroid pictures, Smokey's presence is still needed.

Joyce C. reported that we had to pay state, county, and Winter Park town sales taxes on our sales at the booth at the Art Affair this year, a total of 8.9%. One of the mothers who stopped by the Art Affair booth asked Joyce if we had any special activities for kids, since she is looking for ways to get her children involved in nature. Joyce suggested that we might want to do a kids' scavenger hunt at the Art Affair next year. We used to do one at our booth at Fraser River Days, but that event did not take place this year Should we add Family Activities as a category of interest on our brochure? Possible activities for kids include cabin and trail hosting, Daisy Days, and osprey nest and bluebird box monitoring. Joyce will write an article on children's activities for the upcoming newsletter.

A discussion about this year's Trail Maintenance Day followed. Jim M. announced that there were only three participants this year, and he will not chair this activity next year. The board noted that we have a lot of other volunteer activities, so there are many other ways for members to serve. Jim M. read a letter from Kimber Clark of the Forest Service asking if we are willing to commit to helping with a re-route of a portion of the Columbine Lake Trail next year. We will ask members about there level of interest in trail maintenance at the Fall Members' Meeting. Al R. will respond to Kimber Clark. Joan and Roger S. noted that there were six more trail maintenance days involving a small group (up to 6 people) and 210 trees were removed from trails.

Joan S. announced that the upcoming newsletter is targeted to be published two weeks before the Fall Members' Meeting. She solicited articles, jokes, and quotes.

Board meeting dates for 2011 were set for the second Sunday of January, March, June, and September. The Shaw's volunteered to host the January meeting.

The White Deer Party will be scheduled for the “off” Sunday between the football playoffs and the Super Bowl.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.

Toni Wujek, Secretary

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