GCWG Spring Member's Meeting Minutes 4/12/16

April 10, 2016

The meeting began at 5:30 p.m. with appetizers followed by a potluck dinner. At 6:45 President Bob Saint welcomed all members and guests to the Spring Member Meeting. He recognized all new GCWG members. He thanked Toni Wujek for the great tasting pulled pork that was the main dish and then he introduced the GCWG Board members that were present.

Treasurer's Report – Tom Whitten – Reported that we had $4873.33 in our checking account and $1137.01 additional in the Joan Shaw Memorial Fund. Membership – Mike Braddy – We have 125 members in our group. About 67 were in attendance at the meeting.

The Nominating Committee (Jim Magill, Gary Perkins, Al Rothenbach) presented their list of nominees for the board. There were four positions to be filled. Bob Saint and Gary Perkins volunteered to run for another term (their second). Beth Collins was the third nominee. The nominating committee elected not to fill Doug Smith's position. Bob Saint asked for nominations from the floor. There being none a motion was made and seconded to accept the three nominees presented for positions on the board. The motion passed unanimously.

(Before the rest of the reports were given Bob showed a short wilderness video).

Registration Box Report – Stephen Lee – Had most reports but was waiting for the last one. Asked for volunteers for three boxes. Keyser Creek/Lake Evelyn, Kinney Creek and Roaring Fork. Paisley volunteered to monitor the Roaring Fork site. Jerry & Carolyn Stahl said they would continue to monitor Keyser Creek/Lake Evelyn and Kinney Creek boxes if no one else volunteered to do so. Stephen will also e-mail the monitors and ask them if their boxes need repair or replacement.

Volunteer Hours – Toni Wujek – Reported on the number of hours in 2015 GCWG members spent volunteering at Forest Service sites & functions. Stressed how important it was to send in individual hours. This is the area that is lacking in hours reported. She said that we did not have to wait until the end of the quarter – she would take reports at any time. Our volunteer hours for 2015 were up by 500 hours from 2014 and she would like 2016 to have even more hours reported.

Wilderness Advocacy Subgroup – Holly Whitten - (Voice of the Wilderness) - Because GCWG is a 501-C non profit organization we cannot do much advocacy. Holly's group can. Anyone that is interested in advocacy can get in touch with her.

Report from USFS – Andy Borek (General Wilderness Ranger – Sulphur District) The Forest Service got a grant for $28,000.00 that will enable them to hire more seasonal workers to help with wilderness maintenance. Wilderness areas are ranked according to certain performance elements. Grand County wilderness areas have been lacking in many performance elements. The Sulphur District needs more personnel to get performance elements to count. These extra people should help get the rankings up to par.

Name Badges/Cathole Trowels – Bob Saint – The name badges ordered came in and were given out. He will order more if anyone wants one. Will open up website for about one more month for orders. We have received the cathole trowels and will sell them for $5.00 at the Forest Service office, the ArtAffair and the July 4 Granby Parade.

Clothing orders – Janet Harrington – Said that she would order more clothing as needed – hats also.

Monarch Lake & Junco Lake Cabin Hosting – Toni Wujek –Monarch Cabin hosting days were Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting Saturday, May 21 and ending Sunday, September 19. Junco Cabin hosting days were Saturday and Sunday starting on June 25 and ending Sunday, September 11. (Holidays also). There were sign-up sheets for these two cabin hostings on the wall. Members were asked to sign up for two or more cabin hostings. Because not all members were in attendance at the Spring Member Meeting Bob Saint promised to send out an e-mail later to all members (especially those not in attendance) to sign up for any unfilled dates. These unfilled dates would also be put on the website. Toni Wujek said that the Monarch Lake Orientation for new hosts will be on Saturday, June 11 and the Junco Cabin Orientation will be on Saturday, July 9. (Cabin Hosting Coordinator is Dick Sprague. Monarch Cabin - Doris and David Klein. Junco Cabin - Bob Drickey).

Wilderness Stewardship Training – Bob Saint – Will be on Saturday, May 28th. 9a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at the St Louis Creek Campground. Bob will have an article in the newspaper regarding this training. Topics will include: Public Contacts and Wilderness Advocacy, Why So Many Rules?, and Safe and Practical Handsaw Use.

Trailhead Hosting – This is a new activity for this year. From 9:00 – Noon Bob is asking for volunteers at 8 Wilderness Trailheads to talk to/with all users of the trail. A signup sheet is on the wall. (North Supply, Devil's Thumb, Keyser Creek/Lake Evelyn, Byers Peak, Kenny Creek, Roaring Fork, Vasquez and St. Louis Creek).

Orientation Hikes – Ingrid Anderson/Christine Lee – These will be on Tuesdays, starting June 21 and ending August 30. Anyone who wants to volunteer to lead a hike is asked to let either Ingrid or Christine know.

Work Projects – There are 5 projects schedules for this summer. May 6-7 Registration Box &Kiosk Construction – USFS Shadow Mtn Work Ctr. June TBD – Wilderness Kiosk Sign Installation – Vasquez Peak Wilderness. July TBD – Columbine Lake Trail Improvement. August TBD – Indian Peaks Wilderness Sign Installation. July 31-Aug 6 – Wilderness Volunteers – Roaring Fork Trail. All members are welcome to come and help. See the Website for more information. Also September 24 – National Public Lands Day.

Joan Shaw Memorial Junco Lake Trailhead Kiosk Dedication – Bob Saint – This will be held at Junco Cabin on Saturday, July 9 at noon.

May 9-12 Spring Camping Trip – near Canyonlands National Park
May 23 – Spring Birding Trip – Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge near Walden – Tim Schowalter (leader)
May ?? – HTA Trails Night (Fraser Outdoor Activity Center)
July 4 – Granby Parade – Barbara Williams
July 16-17 – Winter Park Alpine Art Affair – Carolyn Sunderland
August 4 – Weed Warrior Assault – (formerly Daisy Days) – Met at 9:00 am at Monarch Lake - Monica Sandstrom/Beth Collins
August 7 – Annual Picnic – 5:30 p.m. at the Forest Service Double AA Barn
August 22-26 – Encampment – Ron Sears
October ?? - Fall Members Meeting

Other – USFS Volunteer Opportunities – Doreen Summerlin
Granby FS Office – John Simmons
Osprey Monitoring
Bluebird Box Maintenance
Christmas Bird Count (CBC)
Monofilament Bin Adoption
Campground Bear Resistant Food Storage Bin Sticker Replacement
Boreal Toad Breeding Site Monitoring

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 with members asked to sign up for the volunteer activities.

8:25 Board Meeting

Attendance: Jack Reichert, Al Rothenbach, Gary Perkins, Paisley, Tom Whitten, Janet Harrington, Bob Saint, Christine Lee & new member Beth Collins.

New member Beth Collins was welcomed to the board and Gary Perkins and Bob Saint were thanked for volunteering to serve a second term. Board officers agreed to serve another year – Bob Saint (President)/Al Rothenbach (Vice-President)/Tom Whitten (Treasurer)/Christine Lee (Secretary).

Bob Saint reported on a grant that was available through the Forest Service. The grant was only available until the end of April and Forest Service personnel (esp. Nick Schade) were working on writing it. There was a webinar that explained what was needed. Bob said that he would look into it and see if it was a signage or kiosk project. If so we could use the remainder of the Joan Shaw memorial funds to match the grant. (There is around $1100 in the memorial fund). It was suggested that we could use some money from our checking account to add to this amount to make it an even $2000.00.

Bob asked the board for authorization to check on the grant and , if the project was for a kiosk or signage, use the remainder of the Joan Shaw memorial fund plus additional money from our current funds to make the match for the grant an even $2,000.00 A motion was made to this effect and all board members voted to give Bob this authorization.

The executive meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Submitted: Christine Lee, Secretary
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