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Who We Are: We are a group of individuals and couples who share a common interest in outdoor activities and are willing to put time and energy into helping the Forest Service.


What We Do: Organized/Group Activities All members are encouraged to Cabin Host at least twice per year and participate in two other organized volunteer activities. All volunteer hours are used by the Forest Service in grant applications and reports.

  1. Cabin Hosting: An orientation is provided at Monarch Trailhead Cabin and Junco Trailhead Cabin for new members, those who have not hosted, and members needing a refresher. Cabin hosting responsibilities, key location, radio and telephone protocol, issuing ANRA passes and backcountry permits are presented. There are also short video segments for review.

    Those unable to attend training can host with experienced members. The hosting schedule and cabin host coordinators are identified on the website.

    In general hosts are at the cabin from 9am-4pm. The hours are recorded by the cabin host coordinator.

  2. Trail and Cabin Maintenance: After the roads to Monarch and Junco Cabins are free of snow, member volunteers gather to clean up the cabins, outhouses and do trail maintenance. We are supported in our maintenance activities by Forest Service expertise, equipment and manpower.
  3. Weed Warrior Day: Volunteers gather at Monarch Lake to pull and bag noxious weeds at their growth peak. We are assisted by knowledgeable Forest Service staff and celebrate our success with a picnic lunch.
  4. Information Booths: A booth is set up at local art/craft fairs and the Granby July 4th event to give information about our group and the Forest Service in Grand County.
  5. Trail Maintenance: Members can participate in different levels of trail maintenance- organized light trail work hikes and organized more intense trail building. Information is sent out in emails.
  6. Bulletin Boards: New bulletin boards are being constructed and installed at the major trailheads in Grand County by GCWG members and the Forest Service. They display photos and informational signs and need to be updated and maintained.
  7. National Public Lands Day: A GCWG volunteer coordinates a project for members who wish to participate.
  8. Christmas Bird Count: The date is chosen and the event coordinated by the Forest Service. This is a fun “work” day with a social gathering afterwards.

Individual Activities: These are volunteer activities members can do independently, which also count as volunteer hours for the Forest Service. These hours are reported directly to the volunteer hours coordinator and begin when you leave and return home- portal to portal .

  1. Registration Boxes: We built and now maintain 11 registration boxes. A member volunteers to provide registration sheets, retrieve them and tabulate the visitors to the trailhead. The tabulations are turned in to a volunteer who coordinates information from the trailheads and writes a report for the Forest Service.
  2. Trail Ambassador: Wear your GCWG volunteer shirt/badge/hat while hiking the National Forest or Wilderness trails and be ready to share information or answer questions that other trail users may have. Information not enforcement! This is most helpful on busy weekends.
  3. Recycling Fishing Line: Fishing line is picked up by volunteers from collection tubes.
  4. Osprey Nest Observation: Several nests are monitored so you can sign up to observe one or more and report to the FS.
  5. Bluebird Boxes: Monitor, clean and observe one of the many FS bluebird boxes in the county.
  6. Office Volunteer: The Forest Service can always use volunteer help in the Granby office.

**There may be other opportunities for involvement. The membership will be notified of these by email. **

Potlucks, Picnics, and Parties: Official meetings take place in the fall and the spring. At these meetings we have a cocktail “hour”, main courses provided by the Board, and members providing the side dishes, salads and desserts. To be good stewards and minimize trash at our events please bring reusable dishware from home!

  1. Spring Meeting: This meeting lets the membership know of plans for the spring/summer/fall season and to recruit volunteers for our activities. The FS attends and updates us on their activities.
  2. Fall Meeting: A time to say “job well done” and share accomplishments, funny tales and experiences. We usually have a Speaker of general interest.
  3. Summer Picnic: This party is held at the AA Forest Service Barn on the Colorado River. Its is a chance to eat great food, and get to know other members as well as the Forest Rangers.
  4. Winter Social Party: Pure fun, with lots of laughs and as usual good food!
  5. Other Get Togethers: Announcements of trips, hikes, projects etc. can be sent out via email by individuals in the group using their membership list. It is requested that you be selective by sending to those you think would be interested in the activity. Notice of a trip like our Canyonlands trip, may be sent to all members. *Political messages should not be sent because we are a non-political group.

Group Oraganization:

    We are a 501(c)3 organization with bylaws and a board. A board member may serve 2 three year terms. Only board members may vote at board meetings. Officers are elected by and from the board.

    Each spring the membership is presented names of interested members to vote onto the board. Nominations are made by the board as well as from the floor by members.

    If you are interested in becoming more involved there is always a need for leadership. If an activity of interest already has a chairperson, you can assist and usually take over the next year.

    Board meetings are held four times a year and as needed. There is usually a potluck dinner.

Helpful Information:

    We use our membership list to communicate. If you change your Address, email, phone number etc., please notify the membership person .

    Dues are $20 per household and collected anytime after September 1st and due by June 1st. The membership list is updated to include only dues paying members and sent to each household. New members receive an updated membership list when they join.

    The president of the group has a complete email list and will send out appropriate messages. The membership chair can also forward messages to members.