Registration Box Information

We have built and now maintain 12 registration boxes. A volunteer provides registration sheets, retrieves them and tabulates the numbers for that trail. These numbers are given to another volunteer who pulls them together and writes a report for the Forest Service. This report has been identified as being very important in Forest Service planning and funding.

To see the registration box date for the years 2010 to 2022 Click here

It is helpful if you are going to one of these trailheads to contact the keeper, and see if the completed forms need to be picked up or if blank sheets need to be taken out to the box.

List of trail heads and contact information. See Below

Registration Box Keepers Instructions

To Print the Registration Box Signin Sheets by one of the following methods. Use the regular sheets for all trail heads except Junco Monacrh Lake and Roaring Forks in the Indian Peaks Wilderness.

  1. Select the sheet you need below by double clicking on it.
  2. Save the sheet to disk
  3. Print the saved file
  1. Select the sheet you need below by right clicking on it.
  2. Click on "Save Target As"
  3. Save the sheet to disk
  4. Print the saved file

Regular Registration Box Sheet

Indian Peaks Registration Box Sheet

To download a Registration Summary Spreadsheet click here.

List of Trailheads and Box Keepers:

Trailhead Keeper/Contact
Coordinator Stephen Lee
Baker Karen & Jeff Cross
Bowen Dan Nolan
Byers Peak Graham & Louise Powers
Devil's Thumb Jennifer Mirczak
Junco Lake Al Rothenbach & Toni Wujek
Kinney Creek No Box Keeper
Lake Evelyn Jerry & Edna Anderson
Monarch Lake Monica Sandstrom
North Supply Bob Saint
Roaring Fork Chuck Chladek
St. Louis Lake Graham & Louise Powers
Vasquez Jim & Joyce Clair