Smokey Schedule


Saturday and Sunday Dec 1 8 & 9

As in previous years, Grand County Wilderness Group volunteers have helped out at this event. It has been a very popular event with many people attending and cutting trees.

WHAT WE DO: There are three or four check points where folks may park their car and then go look for their perfect tree. At the last check point is Smokey the Bear. After getting their tree. many people (especially those with small children) will stop at this last checkpoint and get their picture taken with Smokey the Bear. This is complimentary and the Forest Service even has little picture frames for the photos. We are there to do a couple of things. One, keep the traffic flowing so that if there are a lot of people who want to park there we kind of show them where to park and make sure they don't block anyone who is driving through and not stopping to see Smokey. There are only 6-8 parking spaces and traffic has got to be kept moving. Second, we need to have someone be Smokey. The Forest Service will have a handler who will explain or answer any questions but we, as volunteers, can put on the Smokey costume and help in that manner.

To volunteer for helping the Forest Service, please select a date from below and send an email to Christine Lee

We would like to have volunteers for two shifts each day, two or three volunteers for each shift. The Forest Service and the County will have the Elk Creek Road plowed (one way in and out). However you would be wise to have a four-wheel drive vehicle. It should be a fun event and you can even get your own tree.