Volunteer Hours

Volunteer hours, accumulated on workdays, by trail and cabin hosting, and various other activities, are tracked and reported to the U.S. Forest Service.
Your hours are very important as the Forest Service uses our collective hours in reports and in grant applications.

Reporting Instructions

For individual activities, please maintain a log of your hours. You can download the Individual Volunteer Hours Reporting form by clicking on it below, and use it to keep your time log either on your computer or by printing it.

At the end of each Quarter email the completed form to Mike Braddy at Volunteer Hour coordinator

  • Types of activities reported by individuals (Travel time can be counted):
    1. Trail Ambassador (Hiking any trails in Wilderness or USFS areas of Grand Co)
    2. Registration boxes (Include maintaining and collecting sheets in boxes and tallying report).
    3. Bluebird Box Maintenance
    4. Ospery Monitoring
    5. Monofilament Recycling Project
    6. Christmas Bird Count
    7. National Public Lands Day
    8. Administrative Activities
    9. Anything else not covered by a committee chairman.

    For Committee activities, committee chairs, please have everyone sign in on the volunteer service agreement, and use this to maintain a log of all hours. You can download the Service agreement by clicking on it below.

    After each activity or at the end of the Quarter email the completed forms or the number of hours to Mike Braddy at Volunteer Hour coordinator

  • Types of activities counted by committee chairs (not by individuals):
    1. Business Meetings (such as board meetings and Member Meetings)
    2. Cabin hosting
    3. Training Days
    4. Group Hikes
    5. Group work days, such as:
      • Trail maintenance
      • Cabin Maintenance
      • Noxious Weed Eradication
      • Bulletin Board Construction
    6. Education, such as:
      • Trail work/assestment training
      • Bird Walks
      • Flower Walks

  • Types of activities not counted (entertainment or social events):
    1. White Deer Party
    2. Group Picnic
    3. Spring Camping Trips
    4. Any other group trips not in Grand County

    To download an Individual Volunteer Hour Reporting Form click here: Ind. Volunteer Hours Report

    To download a Volunteer Service Agreement Form click here: Volunteer Service Agreement