Trail Ambassador

Your are a trail ambassador anytime you are hiking on national forest or wilderness trails. Members should wear their volunteer t-shirts and, if you have one, your forest service volunteer Badge.

In an effort to be more supportive of hikers, being an ambassador is encouraged on weekends and holidays when the hiker numbers are highest. It offers, to weekend hikers the availability of a knowledgeable, helpful trail volunteer. Bring along your trail book to answer any questions.
Always hike with a friend.

Being a trail ambassador is one of the easiest ways to meet your volunteer hours quota.

Ambassador Duties include:

  • Being a cheerful presence on the trail
  • Answering questions about the trails,
  • Sharing information about regulations, since many times that is all that is needed. Examples are: The Indian Peak's Wilderness leash law or camping 100 ft. from water (40 good strides equals Approximately 100 ft). Remember we are not law enforcement.
  • Reporting back on the trail conditions.
    Please use the attached form to report any work that needs to be done on the trail.
    You can print off the the scouting report word document ahead of time and carry it with you.
    either fill it out and leave it at the Forest Service Office for Andy Borek.
    or you can fill it out on your computer and email to Andy Borek .
  • Report shortages of sign in sheets in the trailhead boxes to the person responsible for that box. Go to Registration Boxes to find the person(s) responsible.

Click here to order your volunteer badge

Each individual needs to record their time for trail hosting. Hours are sent to the member tallying our volunteer hours for the Forest Service. The Forest Service uses these hours are used in grant applications and reports. Hours for being a trail ambassador are from portal to portal. (when you leave and return to your house or "portal").